Tuesday, May 03, 2011

fonts and more monograms

See that font up there in our banner? Yep, that one there ^ ? That's our wedding font! So far it's been used in all the stationary I've been creating for the wedding (engagement invites, STD, etc.) except for the bridesmaids/groomsmen cards (it was used on the flower girl envelopes!). I saw it and fell in love with it :) It's a gorgeous font by tart workshop, based on the calligraphy of Crystal Kluge. It's called "Nelly Script Flourish" and an example of it can be found here. It is a paid font, which can also be bought in a set with the simple Nelly Script, as well as Nelly Frames - I don't have the frames yet and am considering getting them...will let you know if I do!

Anyway, Crystal Kluge does some AMAZING fonts and the monograms I'm about to show you are a mixture between Nelly Script fonts, Crystal's Darling Monograms and Crystal's Barocca Monograms. I'm trying to not only find a monogram for us to use on stationary, but one to create a little sticker out of, to close our engagement invite envelopes. Since I finally got the go-ahead with our date last night, I can start to print out our invites and organise sending them out. So, a monogram is needed soon!

There's one or two from my previous monogram post (found here) that I am considering also (although the rest were just for fun!) but what do you think is best out of these? I'd love some opinions! Border vs. No Border? Darling vs. Barocca?

Barocca mixed with Nelly and Barocca on it's own

Darling frame with Barocca fonts

Darling Monogram


  1. I like the 4th one - Darling frame with Barocca fonts - the 2nd one :)

  2. Yeah I like that one too! But I didn't know if it was too swirly?

  3. I like the top right, Barocca on its own. I am glad to see you are into the monograms too, I have a developing obsession with these nice to know I am not the only one haha

  4. Yeah that are amazing, I love them! I find it difficult though because the future hubby's last name is french...therefore is a "Le", making it technically have TWO last name initials. Which looks funny sometimes. I am going to play around with some A&G ones, but sadly Barocca doesn't have an "&" symbol!

    Also glad to know I'm not the only one loving monograms hehe


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