Saturday, November 26, 2011

inspiration board

Last night I decided to put together a proper inspiration board with some of the things I already have for the wedding (Chapel, shoes, bridesmaid dresses), some of the ideas I really want to do (tossing lavender, Paloma's Nest ring bearer bowl, bouquet) and some of the things I have found and loved in the last few weeks (lavender place settings, grey groomsmen's suits, etc.). I could probably still add more pictures to this board, but so far this is what I have. I would love to hear what you guys think of it so far, I feel like it's slowly starting to portray the look I want it to. It's starting to get me excited!

What do you think?

Friday, November 25, 2011

friday first dance find #5

Another Aussie performer this week! I must be feeling patriotic...

This is gorgeous song, speaks for itself. Sweet lyrics, gorgeous tune, beautiful song :)

It can take such a long time
Life is not a sure thing
Can walk right past your eyes
Like a dream you couldn’t keep
My eyes were open at the right time
When you were looking my way

And I’ll take you home
Not just for the weekend
We’ll chase the day's light
Welcome in the night
I want to know the sight

And I’ll keep you warm
Not just for this moment
We’ll walk a million miles
Through the years of our lives
Never alone, 'cause I’ll take you home

Fell for a wandering star
Wasn’t meant to be
Gave my heart to a broken dream
That faded too easily
My eyes were open at the right time
When you were walking my way

And I’ll take you home
Not just for the weekend
We’ll chase the day's light
Welcome in the night
I want to know the sight

And I’ll keep you warm
Not just for this moment
We’ll walk a million miles
Through the years of our lives
Never alone, 'cause I’ll take you home

And I’ll take you home
Not just for the weekend
We’ll chase the day's light
Welcome in the night
I want to know the sight

And I’ll keep you warm
Not just for this moment
We’ll walk a million miles
Through the years of our lives
Never alone, never alone
'Cause I’ll take you home

AUTHOR's NOTE: I just walked into the living room, where my Dad is watching "Spicks and Specks". Special guest? Damien Leith! Random!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

BIG news!!!

Today my MoH, my Mum and I headed to a local bridal store to try on a few dresses. It wasn't a big, planned event - I had merely sent my MOH a couple of dresses I had found after spotting this one...

...on Romance in a Glance the other day. I checked out the designer's (Alfred Angelo) website and discovered this pretty dress:


I'm sorry, but when a dress is named after your favourite Disney Princess, you generally want to try it on. Even if you are pretty sure you are not going to buy it. (FIY: The above dress is Cinderella. But yes, they have almost all the Princesses! Check it out here!) I went searching to see if the range in stocked in Oz and sure enough, one (yes, just one!) local store claimed to have the range in stock. And with the MoH and I being free today, we decided to go and check them out.

I also had these gowns in mind to try on, having no idea whether the store had any other Alfred Angelo's in stock because their website had limited pictures (well I didn't want to go in with just one dress I wanted to try!):

If you remember from my first shopping experience, this dress is very similar to one I really liked then -


Now neither of these dresses were in stock. I asked the lovely assistant who helped us, Mia, whether she had anything similar to the above dresses in store - she had none similar to the first, but pulled this one as similar to the second:


Now I personally didn't see how the above dress was particularly similar to the earlier dress but I will admit that the flowers and the gloves make it seem even LESS so! It did have a similar corset style top half and the bottom had gathers I guess...but either way, I didn't really mind because I hadn't tried anything on like that so I was definitely willing to!

This was the first dress I tried on in the store and when I walked out - Mum gasped. First time she had really done that so it was quite nice :) The dress was quite lovely and I have to admit, I loved the corset style top half - it just accentuated everything nicely, none of the other dresses I'd tried on previously had been quite so flattering. The bottom half wasn't my favourite style but overall it was a very pretty and flattering dress...I think Mum really loved the top.

I tried on three more dresses - the Cinderella dress (gorgeous ballgown, nice and sparkly, very Princessy...but not really me! However, it really is gorgeous! Very similar concept to the princess-style dress I tried on at our first shopping day - stunning but doesn't really fit our wedding.), a second dress that caught my eye when I first walked into the store and something very similar to this dress (however the top was different...more like the crossed sweetheart neckline of the dress they didn't have in stock):

This dress did nothing for me. If anything, it made my butt look big! Definitely not a winner!

Now that little "second dress" that I spied? I don't have pictures to share of her just yet...want to know why???

'Cause she's MY pretty dress!

Yep, that's right folks! I have found my wedding dress. And she is just gorgeous. Her name is Lara. (Yes, I just did a quick Google "Lara Wedding Dress" search and she does NOT show up. Sorry. But other pretty dresses do!) She's actually NOT an Alfred Angelo dress, I think the only one I tried on from another designer today. I actually do have pictures of her buuuuut...I don't want to ruin the surprise. As much as I am dying to share her with everyone (even the fiance! It's killing me that I can't show him!) I really love the idea of keeping her a secret hehe.

So how did she come about? Well, when we first walked into A Bride's Blessing (which I must say, I drove past a million times on my way to work and was never particularly inspired to go into - thanks for giving me a reason to Cinderella, they are great in there!) Cinderella was already hanging on the changeroom door waiting for me - very cool! (No, we hadn't rung ahead, a previous bride had tried her on and she hadn't been put away yet) The ladies gave us some space to have a look around before coming to help us. As good as that is, I find it particularly overwhelming because I have no idea what I am looking for. Well in this case, one dress stood out as soon as I walked over to the racks. I picked her off straight away and hung her up with Cinderella. She's actually the only dress I physically picked to try on that day.

Now, it must be noted that my Mum wasn't going to be coming with us today. It was a last minute decision for us to join us because she had some spare time - MoH and I really weren't expecting to find anything today! We were just expecting to have a fun day out! It's really lucky that Mum decided to come because she would have been BUMMED to miss out on me finding The Dress. Although, I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have made the decision if Mum wasn't there because it was her reaction as well as my happiness that really decided it. Mum teared up when she saw how much I was grinning about the dress, which made me tear up...a big hug and tears were shed. Yep, I had my moment that I was thinking I wouldn't have - I didn't even need to go away and make sure like I thought I would...I just knew I didn't have to shop anymore. (Oh and when I went back to the change room to take her off my Mum yelled out that there was a cricket where I had been standing and it must be good luck - My fav. Disney character of all time?? Jiminy Cricket :) That and crickets are just supposed to be good luck in general right?)

So the hunt is over! We haven't place a deposit yet, I plan to go back with my lovely ladies (if they want to peek - I know my sister does!) and get measured to choose the best size to fit (today's was a little loose but it may just be because it's been tried on so many times), get the size ordered and place a deposit. We're changing a few things on her - she'll obviously need to be taken up and we are going to have fabric covered buttons added all the way down the zipper (I'm so excited about that!), but the lovely Mia said that she's actually a dress that isn't pulled very often so I love that I'm less likely to see her on someone else. She's the perfect mix of fresh vintage (as opposed to old lady vintage!), with some gorgeous lace, a bit of sparkle and some unusual features. I can't wait to share her with you guys, and actually, I can't wait to share her with our photographer!!!

*sigh* I feel so happy. I can't stop looking at pictures of her. Now to find the perfect matching veil and the perfect romantic hairdo! Slightly sad to not try on any more pretty dresses though...MoH is also sad about no more shopping days! Did any of you guys feel a bit sad that you had no need to go wedding dress shopping again (no matter how much you love your dress??)

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday first dance find #4

Today's song feature is a fellow Aussie! Miss Kate Miller-Heidke is an AMAZING artist with some fantastic songs and a great vocal range - definitely check out her other songs if you've never heard of her...

The song I've chosen to feature is the gorgeous "Space They Cannot Touch". I fell in love with this song the first time I ever heard it, and with the idea of the little world between you and your loved one that no one else can enter - even if it's only a few fleeting moments that you steal, there's that magical place that you can escape to that is purely about the two of you. Reminds me most of Sunday mornings waking up in each others arms, before the rest of the world creeps in...

Hope you guys enjoy! There's no official film clip for this song, but as per normal the lyrics are below the YouTube clip for you to read through :)

How's my luck
But somehow I'm with you
Let's leave now
Let's leave them,
their point of view
My favourite place is me and you

I wake up in the darkest night
Watch you breathe in shadow light
A perfect world lies next to me
And I don't need to sleep to dream

I just hope I am good enough to keep you

Morning sun warms our skin
And distant sounds, the day begins
Soon their world will come calling for us
But this is the space they cannot touch

I just hope I am good enough to keep you

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harry Potter engagement session!

Ok, as a Harry Potter nerd (come on, I know there's more of you out there!) I had to share this awesome engagement session I stumbled up on weddinggawker! It's so cool. If the fiance didn't hate HP I would totally try to talk him into this - particularly since we have our own "Hogwarts Express" not far from us at the Zig Zag Railway!

Oh yeah. We totally did that. Costumes and all. Gotta admit, would be a pretty cute photo session!


Back to my original point! THIS awesome engagement shoot! Enjoy!


warning, warning...

...before I share with you today's awesome find, I must warn you: It's addictive..., like REALLY addictive...

...If you don't want to spend hours tied to your computer - walk away now!!!'s weddinggawker!

Tell me, how have I not stumbled upon this awesomeness on someone else's blog yet? This site was actually introduced to my world by a friend of a friend, who shared with with a few people she knew were getting hitched. It is AWESOME. It's similar to pinterest, but it's purely wedding related pics, that you can save as favourites.

I've only just started using this site. But already I can see that it's going to be a time waster...

...all in the name of research right?!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

we're back!!

Monday was a hard day. It was hard to sit at work and try and concentrate when only that morning I had woken up two mins away from this...

Yep, that's where we spent our weekend...well actually, day. My brother's in-laws recently bought an apartment to rent out which is literally 2 mins walk from this gorgeous beach. The fiance and I drove up there on Saturday evening, after baseball, stayed the night and then got to spend one glorious day on that beautiful beach with my brother and sister-in-law. We stayed Sunday night, then drove home bright and early on Monday morning in time for me to start work at 12pm. Oh how we wished we could have stayed longer!

Fiance, Me, My gorgeous SIL
Fiance and I with a photobomb from my brother
Fiance and I :)

It was a great weekend though and it was nice to get to spend some time relaxing...I can see many more weekends away up at the apartment when it's not in use, and there is talking of having a weekend away bachelourette party there!

The weekend wasn't completely wedding-topic free though, before we left for our mini escape the fiance and I sat down and managed to drum out our guest list for the wedding! And (*touch wood*) so far there have been no dramas! I even managed to get a draft table layout done. I'm in shock. I've heard so many horror stories about the guest list and the table layout that I was dreading broaching the subject with the future hubby, but so far we've managed to complete it unscathed. The only complaint we would really have is that the guest list is currently at 100 and we were trying to stick to around the 80 mark (that is the number that our original quote from the venue was based on), but given that our guest list currently includes EVERYONE that we 100% have to have there...we're pretty ok with that. We know that there are a few people who are highly likely to be unable to make it so hopefully that will bring it down to around 90. So not TOO much over our original quote.

I have to admit that I am being rather cautious though, it's almost as though I'm sitting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. There has to be drama somewhere...right?

But! Onwards until something goes wrong and then hey, we'll deal with it. I'm quite chuffed at what we have managed to organise so far. Now to find a florist, a baker, and work out whether a videographer is within our budget!...

...oh yeah, and maybe a dress!!!

Loved this little lifeguard stand. It made me want to decorate in grey and yellow in our new house even MORE!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

new design

What do we all think? Is it a keeper? I was bored and decided on some redecorating...

Head troubles kept me from posting a Friday First Dance Find yesterday but I promise one will be back next week :)

Have a great weekend! The future hubby and I are supposed to be heading for a mini (*mini* mini) break up the coast for my sister-in-law's birthday. Hopefully it goes ahead!

guess what!

Rorie over at Imperfect Obsession has just reached 150+ followers! (Wow!)

To celebrate, Rorie is having an awesome book and Lush product giveaway! Check it out and enter here now!

Monday, November 07, 2011

bridal bouquet

I'm so excited! Last night, after discussing all things wedding with my fiance and my parents, I decided to look up a couple of pictures. I had been discussing with my mum the fact that I really wanted Dusty Miller included in my bridal bouquet, that I really wanted the bigger version of my nan's roses, and that I would really like to include some Lavender sprigs in there now that we are including lavender in our scheme. While chatting, I bought up the fact that perhaps white Peonies, which are nice and big like my nan's roses, might look good in a bouquet like that.

So. I did what any bride-to-be would do - and Googled it! Someone out there must have made something similar before right?


I found this beauty - if I was told that I had to pick my bridal bouquet tomorrow, this is what I would pick.

With these beauties added in:

I am pretty much 100% certain that this is the look I want and this is the picture I will be taking with me to any florists I visit. I love it, I think it is gorgeous - it represents the feel and look I wanted from my flowers just perfectly, and I think my nan's roses will work well with it. I *think* maybe peonies will be a possibility, since I'm a spring bride, but I'm not 100% sure. Either way, I'm not fussed on the particular flower, as long as they are nice and fluffy and big (these ones are actually more rose-looking then I had in mind but it still works!)

As you can see from some of the other bouquets I've had saved, my look has been the same for a while now but the one above is perfect. Just what I want. I feel so happy about it, since I'm not much of a flower person and really had no clue I'm really looking forward to seeing our flowers :) How long did it take you guys to find your perfect bouquet look?

Friday, November 04, 2011

friday first dance finds #3

Today's first dance find is an amazing song that I LOVE (it probably helps that this artist has such an awesome name ;) hehe) and I remember getting really excited about when I found it...this will definitely be one of the songs playing in our little Chapel before our ceremony! It would make a cute first dance song as well though...

..."Marry Me" by Amanda Marshall. I love that it is a "Marry Me" song that isn't so well known and all over the radio (as much as I love the ones that are!) Without further ado, the YouTube link (unfortunately there's no film clip) and Lyrics are below. Enjoy!

I wanna laugh until I cry
Wake up with you each day 'till the day that I die
Let's go to New Orleans and watch the parade
Take funny pictures, eat jambalaya, and drink lemonade

And when the day is finally over and we stumble home
Before we sleep
Baby, marry me

I wanna drive until we get lost
Lie in a field staring up at the sky while you point out the Southern Cross
Somehow I know without asking why
That you love me more in a minute than anyone could in a lifetime

Dancing in the parking lot while the band plays inside
Sweep me off my feet
Baby, marry me

We don't need no preacher man readin' from the Good Book
And I don't want no fancy dress
Ain't no ceremony full of vows that I took
From the moment I met you I have been blessed

So let's make a toast and drink up the wine
Here's to you lying here next to me until the end of time
Wherever you are, I wanna be
And anything that means anything to ya means everything to me

Sneakin' out the back door while they're throwing the rice
And they'll talk for weeks but we're all we need
So baby, if you're free
Marry me
Baby, marry me
Marry me
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