Monday, April 23, 2012

groomsmen and babies, oh my!

Yep, you read that right! Groomsmen and babies!

While the two may not be mutually INclusive, at the moment they are making for entertaining stories during our wedding planning. So today's post is all about our groomsmen, and babies!

First of all, I'll start off with the groomsmen. I recently realised that while I have shown you how the future hubby ASKED his groomsmen, I haven't yet introduced you to the boys! So let's begin with the boys who *aren't* connected to the baby stories...

First up is the future hubby's big brother, Garth. He's also Dad to our gorgeous little flower girl, Tamzyn, as well as to our oldest niece and nephew, Roxy (7) and Garth Jr. (5). When the future hub and I first started dating, little Roxanne was only a teeny, tiny 2 weeks old! My how time has flown! Garth is also married to the beautiful Kimberley, who (along with the fiance's younger sisters) we've asked to read at our wedding ceremony.

The boys and their Mum at their sister, Monique's, wedding last October. Awww nice photo...

...and THIS would probably be a more accurate description of what I can except. Just in suits and a white dress. LOL (and this was one of the tamer photos of them attacking me!)

Next up is MY little brother, Christopher, who was married LAST year to my gorgeous bridesmaid Justyna. We were both blessed to be in THEIR bridal party last year, which was a gorgeous wedding! (Alas, it was before we were engaged and before I started blogging, or you would have had a lovely recap of the process!)

The future hubby and I with my brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day - we're on either side of the bride and groom! Behind me is my brother's best mate, James, and our cousin, Jarryd. Behind the future hubby is my sister, Danielle, my littlest brother, Michael, and Justyna's friend (and MoH), Alana.

Groomsman number #3 is the future hubby's buddy from TAFE, Hayden (for those outside of Australia TAFE is a tertiary education option, offering certificates and diplomas in a wide range of industries. It is probably quite similar to community college I would imagine, at least in some aspects - for example in that you can pursue your high school certificate and short courses such as say, photography courses, sewing courses, etc., or bridging courses to university - but it also offers courses that university doesn't so for certain industries TAFE is your best option for stand-alone degrees). Hayden's our youngest groomsmen and probably the one that I know least, but he's a lovely guy and I have no doubts he will get along with the other guys like a house on fire!

As it turns out, I don't have any photos of the future hubby and Hayden! I will work on that (ie. stalk the future mister's computer!) and have one inserted here soon!!

And now the baby stories begin! I will leave the best one (and by best I merely mean it's a WHOPPER, not that the babies are any better then each other, of course LOL) til last so next up is future hubby's long time friend and best friend, Brendan aka Donz. Donz and my gorgeous fiance have always managed to do things together, they just can't help themselves. They even managed to maintain the same weight for years - weird right?! When the future hubs and I started dating, Donz had started dating a young lady by the name of Mel (coincidentally, the fiance's little sister, Monique's best friend). 4 days after the future hubby and I started officially dating on the 10th of February, 2005, Mel and Donz started officially dating, on the 14th of February.

Donz, Garth and the future hubby at Monique's wedding in October, 2011

Now the boys have one of those relationships where sometimes life gets in their way and they might not see each other for a while...but when they catch back up it's like no time has passed at all. Turns out, even during those periods of quiet, these boys still manage to do everything the same...because 4 days after the future mister proposed to me on our 7 year anniversary, Donz proposed to Mel on THEIR 7 year anniversary, on the 14th of February 2011! Now, to top things off, Donz and Mel are expecting their first little bubba this year...and as it would turn out, Mel's due date is 3 days before our wedding...Yep, little bubs is due around the 26th of September.

No idea what they were laughing at...but definitely more of what's to be expected on our wedding day!

That was a shocker for all involved! However, we've all had a chat and we're just going to roll with the punches! Whatever happens, happens and we'll just go with the flow! Either way, baby's arrival will be something wonderful to celebrate and if it ends up being on our wedding day then there is something even EXTRA to celebrate on the day. We've already told Donz that he just needs to do what he needs to do, even if that's to decide the day before that he can't be there...or have his phone on during the ceremony and need to run out! We're going to give our Minister a heads up and we're quite sure that he won't mind. I think we should all start taking bets to see when baby will come (personally I think Mel would be happy if baby came early rather then late, on our wedding day!)

Last but not least, the final groomsman is another friend of the future hubby, Mark, who actually went to school with older brother Garth, but has been good friends with both brothers for years. If you recall from our engagement recaps, Mark and his wife Kylie have a gorgeous little bundle named Logan, who is our first joint little godson. Well Mark and Kylie also have two older boys, Brody (5) and Riley (3). These boys are all about to become big brothers.
Not once...
...Not twice...


That's right! Mark and Kylie are expecting TRIPLETS. TRIPLETS!!!!!! (I told you it was a whopper!) Totally unexpected (and natural!) this came as quite a surprise for EVERYONE around these guys. I still remember coming home to the future mister telling me....I didn't believe him. I have no idea how that pair wrapped their head around it, but they are doing brilliantly and the boys are very exciting to be getting two little sisters and a new little brother in June. We had their baby shower a couple of weeks ago and I had a blast putting together pressie for all the bubbas. I even made them some cute little triplet themed jumpsuits (including a little "Burger, Shake and Fries" set).

Us with Mark and Kylie on their wedding day in 2010

Needless to say, these guys are certainly going to have their hands full!

So those are our groomsmen (and their babies)! But the babies don't stop there! Oh no! We are going to have many new little people at our wedding in September. Do you remember back in our engagement recaps I mentioned a number of secret-themed pictures I stumbled across amongst our guest photos? Well I realised I never got back to you about them!

My lovely bridesmaid Kylie and her spunky husband had just found out they were expecting their own little bubba! That little Miss is the lovely Matilda, aka Tilly, and she is now 2 months old and just gorgeous. I can't wait to see her all dressed up at our wedding. It's crazy to think at our engagement party she was just a teeny little peanut and at our wedding she will be 7 months old!

Annie, Ro, me and Kylie at Laina's baby shower! [photo thanks to the gorgeous Kiera!]

Some of my lovely bridesmaids and I also attended an AWESOME baby shower over the weekend for the lovely Miss Laina, who has been mentioned MANY times on this blog (most notably for our inCREDibly cool engagement card and awesome sign, as well as being the lovely brains behind Soy Scentsations who will be making our awesome wedding favours!) and will be expecting her first baby in June with her fiance, Faron! For a great recap with gorgeous photos, head over to Kiera at Almost a Melody! She did a great recap of the shower today and was one of the unofficial photographers for the day - we were all waiting to steal her amazing photos!

Seriously, how much is she glowing? Gorgeous Mumma-to-be! [photo thanks to the gorgeous Kiera!]

So that wraps up a very looooong post about our awesome groomsmen (here's hoping they behave on the buck's night!), their baby stories and those of some of my closest buddies! I can't wait to meet all of the little people who are coming into the world before our wedding! A special mention also has to go to my MIL-to-be's cousin, Colleen, and her husband, Andrew, who welcomed their second little baby into the world on Easter morning! Baby Girl, Billie, joined big brother Kelly to make a happy little family of four. All these babies around are making me awfully clucky, thankfully I have lots of friends to buy baby presents for a make special little gifts for, to keep me busy enough for now! Does anyone else have some exciting baby stories to share?

Monday, April 16, 2012

outfits beyond the aisle

When I received this awesome email from ModCloth in my inbox during the week, I knew I had to share with you guys! (Just for the record, this isn't an endorsed post, I'm just a ModCloth fan who receives their subscribed emails)

Called "Style Beyond The Aisle", it's a number of cute and quirky little outfits designed for everything from cake tastings and bridal showers, to bachelourette parties and 'fancying up' for the big day! Check it out, you might just find a cute outfit you've been looking for!

Friday, April 06, 2012

1 year blogging anniversary!

Wow! Today marks my 1 year blogging anniversary! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started recording our crazy planning journey...Well, to be honest, it hasn't been all that crazy! But definitely fun. I can't wait to see how it all turns out, and most of all to marry my gorgeous man.

A big thanks to everyone who has joined to follow our journey along the way - I hope you are enjoying reading about the ride, I certainly enjoy reading your comments! And I'm always looking for new blogs to follow so please, leave me a comment so I can check out yours. If you would like to check out our story right from the beginning, here's the link to the very first post from way back a year ago!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend full of love, happiness and time with family and friends xxx

Thursday, April 05, 2012

kids colouring in books

Another project done and dusted!

As part of the gifts for the youngest members of our bridal party, and also to keep them entertained at the reception, I created some colouring in books for our flower girls and our page boy! One of the easier DIY projects so far and certainly one of the fun ones!

I started off by printing out multiple copies of various wedding related colouring pages. I managed to get enough pages going to be able to tell the story of a wedding, from the rehearsal day/dinner, through the flower girl/boy going down the aisle, through to the ceremony/cake cutting/first dance, etc. right to the bride and groom leaving in their "Just Married!" car.

Early on in my wedding planning process I had downloaded an AWESOME (though short) wedding activity book for kids. Unfortunately I didn't know I would be blogging at that stage and I don't appear to have saved a link for it [EDITORS NOTE (06/06/12) - I found the link today! I had Pinned it! Check out the wonderful book HERE!]. I couldn't use the whole booklet because there were a lot of activity pages (think join the dots, find-a-words, etc.) that were too old for our kiddies, but I did use a few of the colouring in pages and the front cover art (I LOVED the front cover). So if anyone recognises where it is from, please contact me and let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

The other pages within the colouring in book are from this fantastic site here. If you want to make something similar to this, I seriously recommend checking this site out! Other then that, a simple Google search will bring up many free wedding-relating colouring in pages, including a bunch of Disney-related pages. We're planning to have a bunch of loose colouring in pages at the guest children's table as well (and some activity pages for the slightly older children!), along with some packets of colouring in pencils.

After the pages were printed, I selected a different coloured card stock for the back of each book. The page boy book had a dark grey card stock, the flower girls have one pink, one lavender.

After that, I sent them to work with my lovely Mum, who bound them for me and added hard plastic covers to the front and back!

Now each of the bridal party kids have a great colouring in book for the day, to keep them entertained and to take home with them to remember the day by! I think they turned out great! I can't wait to add them to the growing pile of bridal party gifts...I wish I could show you the rest, but for now only the littlest members! (I know they can't sneak on here and peek!)

Have you got anything planned to entertain your littlest bridal party members or youngest guests? Did/Do you plan to make anything similar? I'd love to hear about them!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

page boy pillow alternatives

Way back when I started first blogging (it's coming up to a year! wow!), in amongst the first lot of random things I found and loved in the blogging world was the gorgeous ring bearer bowl by Paloma's Nest.


I still love it.

But in all the wedding planning days (and etsy searches since then!) I have found a good number of other page boy pillow alternatives that I have fallen in love with as well. So I thought I'd share a few of them with you today. I'm still deciding on my favourite. Let me know yours!

a gorgeous moss pillow {via}

something for the damask lover {via}

to love, honour & cherish {via}

something for the heart strings {via}

something for the baseball lover {via} (my fiance!)

one for the mr & one for the mrs {via}

simple or embellished love {via}

happily ever after {via}

woodland wedding perfect {via}

simply stunning {via}

and last but not least

heirloom beauty {via}

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