Wednesday, December 19, 2012

recap: the girls get ready...part two! (photographer photos!)

Saturday, 29th September, 2012

Ok, so here's where it all starts to get exciting! Our hairdressers left us, following wishes of good luck, and we continued pottering around getting ready. The girls were all getting dressed and doing their make up by this stage, and once they were all done, I headed into the bathroom to do my own make up - in the peace and quiet. A little alone time with my thoughts. It was actually really nice to take that bit of time to make myself pretty and not have to talk to anyone! Refreshing and gave me time to really take in everything so far, and what was about to happen.

While I was doing my makeup, I received a call from our photographers to say they were already in the area, they were just scouting out a few photo location spots and then they would be heading right over. As well as the lovely Sandra, we had sidekick Jo as our second photographer. Let me tell you though, Jo is just as marvelous as Sandra and just as lovely...and I honestly can't tell who took what photos, except for the ones we saw being taken!

I must go off an a tangent for a moment because I have to share just how wonderful these two women are. We booked a second photographer with Sandra, to cover the ceremony and the family photos after the ceremony. That was all. We received an email from Sandra about 2 1/2 weeks before our wedding (after she had already let us know who Jo was and that she was available as our second shooter...I checked out her work and LOVED it) letting me know that Jo was going to be traveling down the coast with Sandra the day of the wedding and staying in the area that night, so she had kindly offered TO SHOOT THE REST OF THE WEDDING. For free. Well, for a meal at the reception. We were blown away by her kindness and definitely got those two lovely ladies the same 3 course meal the rest of us were having! We didn't even think twice about it, yet it was mentioned to us by Sandra that it is a rare thing in photography land to get a 3 course meal.

Shout out to any future/planning brides: If you love your photographers - show it. They deserve it! Hell, those ladies were working off their feet from 11am (not to mention the scouting they were doing BEFORE coming to us, and the traveling!) until 9pm at night for us and they went out of their way continually. We felt it was the least thing we could do to provide them with a good feed! Photographers are very physical while working too (I don't know about any other brides out there, but some of the positions I saw Sandra get into for a photo-op, I swear she must need an ice-soak or a massage the next day!) so think about how you'd feel working that long a day, that physical a job and give them the meal you think you'd want :)

But back to the story! Sandra was really excited about some of the locations they had found and I couldn't wait to see them...but first was the business of getting married. When the ladies arrived to start snapping away, they were so unobtrusive we barely noticed them most of the time. And they got some fabulous shots!

So, to start off, here are some of my favourites of me, the ladies and 2 of the littlest bridal party members getting ready (Tamzyn was in the boys room getting ready with her Daddy, Emily and Aiden were with us girls).

(Please note that I'm super nervous about sharing Sandra's work here but I don't want to watermark her gorgeousness. All the following photos are the work of Sandra Henri Photography and are not to be taken, copied, used or edited in any way without permission from Sandra. Steal them and claim them as your own and we will bust your butt evil copy-right violation people!)

My little brother's girlfriend was so overwhelmed that she got to come up and see us all getting ready...she burst into tears before she even got in the door! It was so sweet and I love that it was captured on camera!

The girls' presents in action!

One unhappy little flower girl...she did not want to get dressed! So we tried fulling funny faces in the mirror...The Bride just ended up looking silly haha

A balloon helped...see, Photographers are magic!

And I'm going to be REALLY evil and stop right about there...leave you hanging with those last few pictures...because my dress? Well she can have a pretty post all of her own...

Next Up: The Boys Get Ready...

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

recap: the girls get ready, part one (pre-photographers!)

Saturday: 29th of September, 2012

I woke bright and early the morning or our wedding at about 6:15am (our hairdressers was due to arrive around 7am and I had to shower, wash my hair and let it air dry...I was the last to get my hair done but I needed to give it time to dry, but also allow my Mum and SIL to shower before the hairdressers arrived).

I woke up, grinned, sat up and stretched. My Mum reached out from next to me in our King size bed in our hotel suite and squeezed my arm. The big day was here. My SIL gave a groan and rolled back over in her single bed in the corner...she wanted more sleep!

I jumped in the shower, trying to gauge whether I was nervous or not. I took my time, relaxing...but I didn't feel particularly nervous!

After my shower we woke up my SIL so she could jump in and the day began! I slipped into my "Bride" singlet and little cotton shorts, breakfast was had and we straightened up one side of the room for it to be ready when our photographers arrived for detail shots. At some point the 3 girls joined us, fresh and showered, from the other room. Our hairdressers arrived about 7:15 (they weren't due to start til 7:30 but had indicated they would probably arrive between 7 and 7:30 to set up) and my sister (who hadn't stayed over) and Bridesmaid Kylie both jumped in the hair dressing chairs first.

Our wonderful hairdressers, Mel and Emma, were so efficient and fast that they finished WAY before our photographers were due at 11:30, and even managed to blow out and style my Mum's hair for her. She hadn't booked in with them because she felt with such a large bridal party they wouldn't have time to do her as well, and had planned to just style her own hair. I'm so glad she got to be pampered as well!

At some point I know my MoH ducked out to the shops, rather early - possibly even before our hairdressers arrived, because she needed toothpaste or a toothbrush...I found that rather entertaining! The following photos are courtesy of her camera (with a few of my own thrown in for good measure) and I'm so glad she managed to capture this for us, before our official photographers arrived!

Only photo I have WITH my nephew...
He crashed out at the reception!
Hottest photo of the Bride ever...but the girls look fab!

The stages of my hair getting done: (some of them are SO attractive, I know!)

I remember when I was getting my hair done, everyone started asking me if I was getting nervous yet. The honest answer was no! When it was tine for my veil to be attached, Mel warned me that often that's when she has found that her Brides get nervous because suddenly they LOOK like a Bride...But no, I still wasn't nervous. I was excited, yes. Ready for the day, yes. But nervous? Nope!

After my hair was done and my veil attached, my dress was hung up and ready for our photographers to arrive!

Next Up: The Girls Get Ready...Part 2!

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