Monday, July 30, 2012

page boy bag

Following up from the flower girl bags, is a quick post on the bag for our page boy, Aiden!

Similar to the girls' bags, the page boy page has a colouring in book and some coloured pencils, and a packet of stickers. For our littlest male member, we choose some "Cars" stickers - he's *really* into cars, planes and dinosaurs at the moment!

Waiting to be added to the bag are the following items that should be coming in the post any day now!

A black limousine - to add to all his cars collection, "wedding style".


And, in case you were wondering what the male equivalent to a flower girl bracelet could possibly be!, Master Aiden gets an awesome badge to declare that he is in fact, the Official Ring Bearer.

So! That ends the official wrap up on the children's gifts! We are also paying for their outfits. The girls' dresses were ordered the other day and Master Aiden, his Mummy and I will be going shopping in the next couple of weeks to purchase his little suit. I wish I could show you the grown ups gifts, but they will have to be a post-wedding reveal! For now, I leave you with a picture of the dress we decided on for the flower girls, after looking a number of other options (we decided against the skirts!). What do you guys think?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Liebster Award

Wow. The lovely Lexi from Home Sweet Hoosier shared a Liebster Award with me!! Thanks so much Lexi!

For those who (like me!) hadn't heard of the Liebster Award, it's a Blog Award that's has been making the rounds for a while now - although no one seems to be quite sure of where it originated. The general consensus seems to be somewhere in Germany, however the exact originator is unknown. Basically, the Award is used to recognise blogs with less then 200 followers.

The rules seem to have changed as the Award has made the rounds (a bit like Chinese whispers by the looks of it!) but the current version that I have been lucky enough to have been linked in with states:

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves
2. You must answer the questions the tagger sets for you plus create eleven questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven upcoming bloggers and link them in your post.
4. Go to their blog and let them know you've nominated them!
5. No tag backs!

First of all - everyone go and check out the lovely Lexi - thank you so much for liking my blog enough to link me up with this Award Lexi!

Second up - here goes nothing!

Eleven things about me!

1. I'm the eldest of 4 children - I have a brother who is 24, a sister who is about to turn 21 (4 weeks after our wedding! A big year for our family this year!) and a brother who just turned 16.

2. I love strawberries, yet anything that is "flavoured" strawberry I generally don't like. If it's not real, it's not the same!

3. I currently have an obsession with all things grey and yellow! I can't wait to have a baby shower, just to have it in grey and yellow. (Ok, and for the fact that we would be, you know, *having a baby*.)

4. I suffer from a neurological condition known as Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania. I started as an Episodic sufferer before we even knew what I had, and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago now. It has impacted on my life immensely, which I think I've hinted at here on the blog but have not really gone into detail about. Maybe one day, when this blog transforms from a wedding planning blog into something more, I might go into more detail.

5. I'm a Godmother to 3 fantastic boys - my youngest brother Michael, my cousin Joshua (who is a helper at our wedding!) and the gorgeous Master Logan who was featured in our engagement party recaps - and 1 gorgeous little girl, Miss Emily, who is one of our flower girls.

6. I'm going to be a Godmummy AGAIN when Miss Emily's little sibling graces the world in December 2012! (Yes, I am building a little army of munchkins.)

7. My fiance calls me his strawberry. See #2. (*here's the bucket. I know.*) It does makes the strawberries in our engagement story make a little more sense though doesn't it?

8. The future hubs has decided that we aren't allowed to find out the sex of our future children before they are born. Hence #3.

9. I am *DYING* for us to have our own home already. I'm so impatient to have a house again to decorate and make our home. My personal Pinterest account is filled with ideas, DIY projects and plans for more rooms then I'm sure our house will have...Each room of our not-yet-purchased home could probably be decorated about 5 times...(Yes, you can see where this Blog will head can't you? Be prepared!...and maybe a little afraid!)

10. I'm finally starting to have a little bit of panic about our wedding. What if things don't come together? What if it just looks like a mishmash? What if the boys suits look terrible with the girls outfits? What if, what if, what if? They have been running through my head the last week or so now we have hit the 2 month mark today...In a way, it's a relief. I was beginning to think I wasn't normal...

11. I can't wait to marry my gorgeous man on the 29th of Semptember, 2012 - just 2 months away!!!


The Questions Lexi provided!

Do you prefer painting or coloring?
Oooh this is a hard one but I'm going to go with colouring. I find it so soothing. The future hubs has actually purchased me colouring books in the past because I have actually enjoyed colouring in with the kiddies haha.

If you were choosing your last meal ever, what would be on the menu?
Creme Brulee, definitely. Some really fantastic baked potatoes. Oh I really don't know - there's too much fantastic food out there. I guess I'll say a really great baked dinner - it's the English side coming out of me! But seriously - the baked potatoes and the baked pumpkin better be fantastic!

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? many! Recently? Mad Men. I just watched Seasons 1 - 5 straight through. Now I'm at a loss - what do I do with myself? Normally, my guilty pleasure TV shows are ones that are no longer on, that I own the DVDs for and watch over and over (and over and over...)...Sadly I think The Hills and Charmed top this list! If I was to pick ones currently on TV I would probably say Hart of Dixie, Once Upon a Time or my guilty reality/trash TV show The Kardashians

If you could trade places with one reality TV star, who would it be?
Probably Lauren Conrad. See above.

What would you do with ten million dollars?
Buy a house (nothing flashy, just a 4 bedder in a nice area that we would purchase normally) and a new car, pay off any debts. Pay off my parent's house, my brother's house and buy my sister a house. Go on a holiday with my man, send each of our families on a holiday and put the rest into a really great account that will earn nice interest! And have a baby :)

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hm. This is a hard one. Cleaning the house only to have it inconsiderately messed up moments later. REALLY bothers me. *Living* in it is one thing - walking into a perfectly cleaned room and leaving crap lying around for no reason? Just don't do it. I just spent all that time cleaning it man! At least let me enjoy it being clean for a few hours, maybe even a day...I guess that's just one everyday one - there are broad ones like RUDE DRIVERS. Man I hate rude drivers. And people who just suddenly stop walking when they are in front of you - I'm sorry, did you want everyone behind you to run into you? Where exactly do you want us to go?

Favorite place on the planet?
My mister's arms :)

Favorite food that you never make for yourself?
Creme brulee! (Can you tell what dessert will be making an appearance at our wedding?)

Cake or Pie?
Hmmm...Cake? (ps. We don't really do "pie" here in Australia! Aside from apple!)

Sweet or Salty?
Usually a sweet girl, although it is mostly just chocolate that I go for. Not so much lollies, cakes or biscuits. But I do have my moments where I need something savoury!

What would your Super Power be?
I used to wonder what I would choose all the time when I was a kid. I used to think invisibility would be pretty cool. Or being able to read minds. Then I saw that Charmed episode where Prue became and Empath and being able to hear everyone's thoughts kinda seemed like it would suck. So I think I would like the power of Telekinesis - moving objects with my mind. I could do good with that :)

And last, but certainly not least, some wonderful Blogs that I would like to pass the Liebster Award onto! (and your 11 questions)
These guys are all smaller blogs like myself who definitely deserve some recognition and some new followers, so go and check them out and say hi! Guys, if you don't get a chance to get around to this, that is perfectly ok - it's just a bit of fun :) Check out these awesome fellow blogs though!

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The Questions:
1. If you could revisit (not change - revisit) one moment from your past to watch again, what moment would it be (the moment can be as long as you like - a few minutes to a whole day!)
2. Who is your favourite superhero and why?
3. If money was not a factor, what is a) one thing you would buy right now?
4. b) one thing you would do right now?
5. Who is the person that you most aspire to be like, famous or otherwise?
6. Which country do you think will get the most Gold medals in this years Olympic Games? (should we start taking bets?!)
7. What do you feel is your worst trait and why?
8. What is something your followers would be surprised to learn about you?
9. What food are you craving at the moment?
10. What is your favourite colour and what feelings/emotions do you associate with that colour?
11. If you could recommend one blog to your readers, who would you recommend? (Free shout out to someone in your Blog List!)

Friday, July 27, 2012

first dress fitting!

So, after an evil start to the week (thank you two day migraine...sorry for the lack of posts!) it has ended well - I had my first dress fitting yesterday! I went with my mum, who took the day off to come with me and do some little errands with me as well.

My it's a lovely feeling trying on your OWN dress isn't it? I really wasn't prepared for how different and how much lovelier she would look all shiny and new... I am definitely still very happy with my choice! We took along both sets of my shoes expecting an easy choice...and it wasn't. I spent most of the fitting in the lacy shoes (which were SUPER comfy) and popped on the purple ones at the last minute, "Just to see". *sigh* I can't decide! I think it may come down to comfort overruling - I'm going to wear them both around the house and see which I can last longest in. The good news is that they are both the same height, so don't affect my alterations! I may even choose based on my mood on the big day!

I had spent Wednesday running around after undergarments (that I was supposed to pick up earlier in the week - thanks again migraine!) - I picked up a pretty lacy white strapless that I didn't end up needing as the seamstress is going to build in some cups to my dress (the back is too low for a bra) and also popped into my lovely bridesmaid Kylie's house to pick up her petticoat, which she is so kindly letting me "borrow" (hehe, yep, one thing down!) for under my dress! Thankfully, it works perfectly and I don't have to purchase one! Something borrowed, done!

Not the real petticoat...but every post needs a picture, right?

While at the fitting I also decided to try on some of their fingertip length veils. If you remember, I do have some family veils that I was contemplating using one of. My mum's wedding veil is too "full" for the look I'm going for (gotta love 80's weddings), but I was contemplating using her smaller, Holy Communion veil, which has been worn by my mum and all my aunts. Mum has since had it cleaned and it has come up beautifully, but we forgot to take it with us yesterday.

I'm in two minds about the two very different veils - Mum's veil is shorter, would tuck underneath my hairstyle and show it off beautifully, but from the front doesn't add much to the overall look and we're concerned that the lace on the edging may be too busy for the bodice of my dress. We're going to take it along to another fitting to see, and make a decision. The veil I decided on in store is a simple 2 layer veil but lays nice and flat with a simple bit of sparkle at the edge that compliments my dress quite nicely. It would cover my hair but is sheer enough that it is still visible. It does add a nice look from the front when it is pulled around my shoulders but it just seems so silly to spend that much $$$ on something so simple, plus I like the sentimentally of wearing something in my family... Ahhhh the choices... It's so hard to make these choices without the full look going on too, isn't it? We need magical fairies who can whip our hair into some semblance of what it will be on our wedding day, to get an idea of the full look!

All in all though, it made me very excited - I had taken little details in with me like my earrings to try on and it gave me a better idea of the whole look for the Big Day. I can't believe how close we're getting! 65 days away today!

Mum and I sent off the last couple of straggler invites yesterday (those last one or two addresses that we didn't want to wait for before sending out the rest!), I booked in my hair trial and I got a glimpse into my upcoming kitchen tea last night! Our Trial Dinner at the Sebel is booked in for next Wednesday (01.08.12), my hair trial for the 02.08.12 (unfortunately they aren't open on Wednesdays - I was hoping to have pretty hair for dinner!) and my Kitchen Tea for the 05.08.12! So expect upcoming posts on all of them soon! In the meantime, some more project posts and the unveiling of our invites are on their way...

Unveil coming soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

our guestbook

Waaaaay back at the beginning of my foray into the wedding blog world, I found this awesome idea of a "Thumb Tree", and I fell in love. I blogged about it in an early post about some awesome ideas I would love to incorporate into our wedding.

The original "Thumb Tree" I fell in love with

Then along the way, I found another gorgeous thumb style guest book...and another...and another! So I thought I would share a collection here, for anyone else considering purchasing one of these awesome alternative guestbooks! Below are some of my favourites...Luckily for us, my gorgeous MoH is an artist and is designing our thumb guest book for us. When I stumbled upon a gorgeous "Just Married" car in a Style Me Pretty post one day (similar to the Bleu de Toi one below) and showed the future hubs, we both knew that was the style we liked the most. I can't wait to see what she comes up with and to have it hanging in our house one day after the wedding! We plan to have some gorgeous coloured inks available for our guests to "balloon" our car, as well as some baby wipes available for them to clean up their thumbs afterwards. I can't wait to see it all set up in our reception room!

We will probably also have a traditional guest book for those extra words or well wishes that anyone may want to share...and I love these gorgeous ones from etsy:

But for now - Enjoy the wonderful works of the artists below!




Bleu de Toi have a bunch of AMAZING thumb design guestbooks, including houses (perfect for house warmings!), trees, cars and now do gorgeous cupcake style ones for baby showers as well! Have a look if you are interested in really *different* style guestbooks! (please note that I have not been asked to endorse Bleu de Toi - I just think that they have a really broad range and I have only shown one image along for more!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

etsy buys

Recently I've been receiving a lot of great little packages in the mail, which get me so excited every time I receive a knock at the door or head to the mail box! (who doesn't love receiving packages!)

Now that a lot of our big payments for the wedding are out of the way, I've started ordering some smaller decor items that I've had my eye on that aren't *necessary* but that are little touches I had planned to buy if we had spare cash at any point. All of the following etsy stores have been AMAZING to work with, not a single issue, and they all have some great products so I would definitely recommended checking them out!

First up, I purchased these gorgeous little wooden "Bride" and "Groom" tags for our toasting glasses, when I bought some things from this store for our wedding invites (more on that soon!). Aren't they cute? I can't wait to see ours in action!


Next up, I received our version of this gorgeous hand-made banner...our colours are slightly different, as each one is one of a kind, but it's similar in pastels and is just GORGEOUS. I love it to pieces and can't wait to reuse it in our home after our wedding.


Recently I purchased these cutlery holders to place on the bridal table setting for myself and the future hubs. Excitingly, they are actually from a set of 6 so I have plans to use them after the wedding in our new abode and quite possibly purchase the matching table runner as well!


I've got a few more purchases still to arrive and a few I still have my eye on...nothing too big, mostly decor items. I love that I can make my wedding so different by purchasing handmade items AND support small stores (when really you are likely helping a family or a student through their studies or a mum with some extra cash...). I've also got my eye on a few pieces from - the Aussie version of etsy which I'm hoping will really take off! It's doing well but it's still smaller compared to etsy so you can't always find what you are looking for just yet! But it's great that I can aim for local first as well! I would definitely encourage anyone wedding planning/nursery decorating/home decorating to check out these fantastic can really get some different flair just by steering clear of your local, run of the mill stores!

Hands up all the fellow etsy addicts out there!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a catch up post

Well! Things are really flying by now, although I have to admit it may make for boring blogging - posts listing what we are accomplishing aren't as interesting as projects with pretty pictures! I'll try to keep them to a minimum or at least try to make them interesting, but as this blog was originally created to document the process of planning, I really feel I should jot these things down :) And this post may be a long one...but I think it may be one of my favourites!!

The future mister and I have continued our streak and have been plowing along, knocking things off our list this week! After last week's ring buying, suit purchasing and invitation sending frenzy, we have jumped into a week of suit alterations, wedding dress alterations (well, the appointment booking anyway!), florist appointments and trial dinner arrangements!

Oh! And we've received our first official mail RSVP! That was on Monday (09/07/12) and since then we've slowly had a few more trickling in. I think we're up to 11 official RSVP guests now!

Yep, that's a sneak peek at our invites for you!
Post coming soon!

The future mister's suit now fits him perfectly and now he can move onto getting his groomsmen all suited up. In a lovely moment of serendipity (and networking!) the future hubs went to the football with my Dad last night, in the corporate box, thanks to my Dad's work (my Dad works for a football store, owned by an ex-football player). While there, they were sitting with none other then the owner (or co-owner...something along those lines? I'm not clear on the details...someone important anyway) of men's suit store Ron Bennett. One thing led to another, the subject of our wedding must of come up, presumably because my Dad introduced my man as his future son-in-law, and low and behold - the future hubs has now been told to head on into a Ron Bennett store, pick our some suits and contact said important man and he will arrange for a very significant discount. *gobsmacked*. Needlessly to say, we are very grateful and still can't believe that someone who barely knows us would be so generous!

I also had a florist appointment this week with the lovely ladies at Kingswood Florists. This Florist is owned by family friends - Jo and her daughter Tiffany. Tiffany and I grew up dancing together (we're talking a good 13 years or so of our lives!), and I'm over the moon that she is doing my wedding flowers for me! We had a wonderful meeting earlier in the week - I took along my photo of my inspiration bouquet and of my girls dresses and we sorted everything out. I trust Tiffany completely and like I said to her, I'm less concerned about having specific flowers in my bouquet and more about it being the "look" of the bouquet I was going for. The lovely white fluffiness, the dusty miller and the sprigs of lavender. Not fussed on what flowers make the white fluffiness though! Same with the girls bouquets - we discussed the look we were going for and discussed which roses and flowers would be best, but again - if substitutions are necessary on the day to get the colours we are after, as opposed to the specific *flowers*, I would prefer to have similar colours then specific flowers and I trust that Tiff will make something beautiful. I can't wait to share everything with you guys after the wedding! We chatted about so many little details for the bouquets but I won't share them all now...I'll let the pictures do the talking after the big day!

Earlier in the week, Mum and I had headed to A Bride's Blessing to pay off the rest of my wedding dress and book in my first alterations appointment following which we picked up the mister and headed over to The Sebel to catch the end of their Wedding Expo so we could see the rooms all set up and get an idea of the table colours. The colours were something we've been struggling with as we didn't want to have the room overwhelmed with colour, yet thought the idea of mixing colours would look strange. As such, we were leaning towards the idea of perhaps having a neutral, like ivory or cream, for our chair ties and center squares. We had tossed with the idea of silver/grey but thought that with our centrepieces being wood/earth tones, it might clash.

However, when we arrived at the Sebel, we were pleasantly surprised to discovered one of the rooms set up with a variety of purple and grey options - perfect for us to look at! One table was purely purple - purple organza table squares and purple chair ties. We quickly vetoed that as too much purple for what we have in mind. I very much prefer purple as a highlight colour, as opposed to a central colour.

While this mightn't look like too much here, I've seen
a picture of our reception room done in all purple...
It seemed like too much!

They also had a few chairs done up with silver satin doubled up with purple organza chair ties, with purple organza table squares...which we also vetoed. However, when we saw the tables with the silver satin chair backs and the purple organza table squares, we were surprised to find we liked them! I didn't think that a) mixing mediums (organza and satin) would be a good idea or b) mixing colours would be a good idea. I thought it would be best to stay uniform - one medium, satin or organza (I thought it would look messy to mix!) and our coordinator tended to veer us away from mixing colours. But I guess in this case you are mixing more of a neutral and a colour, which is probably why it works better. And it ends up being just a little pop of purple in the middle of the table (and the organza being somewhat transparent also helps!) instead of the whole room seeming purple!

Please ignore a) the bad photography and b) the bad styling of this table. What actually swayed us was a differently styled table, in the same colour scheme which was better dressed. Of course, I didn't take a photo of that table. Typical. Also, this room wasn't styled by our coordinator. We visited her rooms, which were styled in deep blues and another in black and white. They were perfect - ever bow was perfect, everything was lined up beautifully...I was reassured to see how beautifully dressed the tables she did were. Unlike these droopy bows...*awkward*

That still left us with the concern that the look we wanted for our centrepieces might clash with the grey...but when we held up this picture:

[source] the middle of the table (keeping in mind it would have similar flowers to my bouquet, including sprigs of lavender) we were surprised to find it worked perfectly fine! When I thought about our favours and their packaging (more on this later!) and how they would also tie all these elements together, I was pretty sold on the colour scheme. Thankfully, the future mister was happy with it as well, so the process we were both dreading seems to be a lot easier then we could have hoped! Given that the mister has now settled on a grey suit, we are less inclined to go with ivory tables...we feel like that would clash a bit more then a bit of wood in our centrepieces with silver/grey chair ties!

We took some time to have a look at our reception room and talk about where we would like to display things, have things set up and talk a bit about how we would like to decorate the dance area (still debating on this!). Mum and I showed the future hubby the block of 4 rooms we had booked for us all to stay the night before, with the two end rooms being the rooms we will be getting ready in on the big day. They are nothing fancy, just nice, standard rooms (the gorgeous, big, Bilpin suite was booked by another wedding :( ... ) but they have their own balcony and us girls are looking forward to taking that over once the boys head over to the Chapel ahead of us! We are also going to enjoy spending some time together the night before, before heading our separate ways.

We got to have a look at the Deluxe Suite we will be spending our wedding night in (or one of the similar rooms I should say since there are a few). We are hoping to break our "Spa Curse" on our wedding night - every single time we stay in a hotel room with a spa bath, or even just book into a hotel with a spa in *general* doesn't work. Or it's broken. Or out of order. For whatever reason! We are yet to stay in one that actually works! We have a lovely spa bath in our Deluxe Suite and all I can say is - the damn thing better work!!

We also managed to sneak some quiet time in our little Chapel and get some photos of the grounds.

I have to say, this was my favourite part of the day. We managed to get to the Expo right at the end of the day, when most people were gone, so it was lovely and quiet. When we visited our Chapel, there was no one there. A big change from the first time we visited, when it was bustling with people.

This time, it was just us, and Mum. And it felt so right. So real. Everything just suddenly seemed like it clicked into place and everything we have been doing was really going towards something real - a real day that was really going to happen, and soon! It was lovingly overwhelming...we were standing at the front of the Chapel and the future mister turned to me and said, "This is where we are going to be standing, when we get married. You're going to be standing there, I'm going to be standing here"...

Then we had a bit of confusion over left and right sides...but he was right. Haha.

I had no idea my Mum was taking this photo...
She's not the best with her iPhone camera but it's so cute!

We left the Sebel that day very excited and despite the fact that we haven't yet picked our music or our readings, and we haven't done our programs or place settings or a billion other little things...I could have had our wedding the next day...We suddenly felt just how ready we were to be married!!!

Did anyone else have a moment like that?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

flower girl bags!

Finally, one of the promised DIY projects I've been working on! I told you they were coming...unfortunately a lot of the projects I've been working on I can't unveil until AFTER our wedding, but this little one I definitely can!

For the littlest members of our bridal party, I have been putting together some goody bags as their thank you presents! You have already seen the colouring books I made to go inside these little beauties, but along the way I have been picking up other little trinkets for the kiddies as well. But before we get there, let's show off the bags.

I purchased some canvas bags from our local Spotlight store and got to work designing a little flower girl pattern with the girls' names to print on my trusty iron-on transfer paper (this stuff has become my best friend throughout DIY wedding projects!). After flipping the image and printing it out, the project was obviously a simple one. Cut as close to the transfer design as possible and iron on! Unfortunately, my old, trusty iron-on transfer brand is discontinued and it took me a while to find a half-decent one...but this one isn't too bad.

This is how the bags turned out! One for each girl, with their name on the front.

And these are the goodies I've collected for the insides so far:

Each of the girls so far have their colouring in book, a pack of coloured pencils, a packet of fairy stickers, a lip gloss and (tying in with the mini-theme that seems to be an undercurrent of our wedding) little Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding dolls!

Waiting to be added to to each of these bags is one of these little bracelets - each little miss will have one to match the backs of their colouring in books and lipglosses, as they have either pink or purple sets in their bags and one will have a flower and one will have a butterly...each with their initial on it.


I hope they will like their little collection of goodies. I'm debating whether to give them to them before the ceremony, while we are all getting ready, or to have them waiting for them on their chairs in the reception. Currently I'm leaning towards having them waiting for them on their chairs, so that they can have something to do during the reception!

Coming up soon is the ring bearer version ... what do you guys think so far? Such an easy DIY! What did you do for your little bridal party member thank you gifts?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

our first RSVP

WOW! Guests only started receiving their invitations on MONDAY (02/07/12) and the same day (!!) we already received our first electronic RSVP.

The future hubby's friend from school, Kayla, & her
partner, Nathan, are officially coming to our

I only realised today when I checked my email (I've been a bit slack over the last few days thanks to a cold and being a bit lazy!)

This was great news for me, because it let me know that the RSVP tool on our wedding website actually works! I decided to include this to allow for another route for RSVPing - to try and eliminate unnecessary chasing later on. While I would love for everyone to reply traditionally, I recognise that for some people it will be easier for them to RSVP electronically...particularly if they are already on our wedding site for other information. And now that I know it works, all the better!!

I'm so excited to have our first official guests RSVP. Now I can't wait to receive our first official mail RSVP!

We have real, live guests coming to our wedding! Eeep!

rings, invites and suits, oh my!!

I've got so many half-written posts saved at the moment... But I feel that this post should jump the queue. It's a little hodge podge of a post, but it's a fun one!

We've continued on with our wedding planning roll in the last week or so, knocking things off our lists left, right and centre! We've paid our first installment on our photography package, I no longer have a naked groom and we have ordered our wedding bands! On top of all that - we sent out our wedding invites! Ahhhh!!

First up - lets talk about the future Mr's suit. For a while now, this has been the inspiration picture we've been working with. We love the look of the groomsmen in vests, and the contrast of colours. Although, the future hubby's is a darker grey then this picture, and the groomsmen will be in more of a charcoal colour.


The future hubs found an awesome suit that he hasn't been able to get his mind off, so we went back on Thursday to check it out. He decided it was the one. It's from a store called "YD" and the suit is called the "Hada". It's a grey suit with dark charcoal highlights along the pockets/collar (tying in with the idea of the groomsmen's suits). He also picked up a matching vest and, after trying on a couple of colours, decided on a black shirt! A bold move but I have to say, it looks fantastic. When he takes off his jacket, he still looks very smart and sophisticated with a black shirt and his grey vest. It's a great look. Now we just need to get the men suited up and the ties sorted!


Friday I nervously took a box of sealed envelopes to work with me, bought stamps (I was 4 invites off getting a cash bulk order so had to stand in the post office and stamp them all!) and then sent off my babies with the hope that they would safely reach their recipients. I can't even begin to describe how nervous I was to send these - it seems irrational actually but I was so nervous that there was some mistake that I had overlooked or there was someone I had missed or mistakenly addressed the invites to...

I was on my own on my picture I could get!

Yes, I had to stand in the post office and stamp 46 of these.
If the people in there didn't think I was strange already,
They probably did when they saw me taking pictures...

I decided to have a wedding free weekend after sending out the invites but it really didn't quite end up that way! I did go with my family to visit my Nan at her nursing home for her birthday but afterwards we decided to go down to the jewellery store where my engagement ring was purchased as they had a big sale on that was ending this weekend! We had gotten a previous quote for our wedding bands there and when we purchased our rings this weekend, we ended up getting my wedding band, the future hubs wedding band AND my eternity ring for the same price we had been originally quoted for just the two bands!! Since my rings have to be custom ordered to fit my engagement ring, it seemed crazy not to get them both at such a good deal... The future hubby will just sit on my eternity ring until he seems it's appropriate to give it to me I guess!

Our rings are due to come in on the 10th of August and I'm very excited to see my band with my engagement ring (unfortunately there wasn't one in store to try with my ring...but it's the exact matching band to my ring so it was sorta a no-brainer for me).

Monday and Tuesday were spent nervously anticipating everyone receiving their invitations (and their responses!). I didn't have to wait long to start receiving messages from my girlfriends :) The first was from my lovely MOH (who even went so far as to admit she photographed the opening of the doubt I will share those photos!) and my bridesmaids and close friends soon followed. Everyone seems to love them, which has been a relief! I was worried about how they would travel in the mail but they seem to have done well. Once I have a better idea that most people have received their invites, I will happily share with you all. In the meantime, I have some DIY posts coming up, as well as some decor posts.

Blurring really kills the prettiness...damn privacy!

Did anyone else get SUPER nervous sending out their invitations? I feel like I was irrationally so!
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