Wednesday, July 04, 2012

rings, invites and suits, oh my!!

I've got so many half-written posts saved at the moment... But I feel that this post should jump the queue. It's a little hodge podge of a post, but it's a fun one!

We've continued on with our wedding planning roll in the last week or so, knocking things off our lists left, right and centre! We've paid our first installment on our photography package, I no longer have a naked groom and we have ordered our wedding bands! On top of all that - we sent out our wedding invites! Ahhhh!!

First up - lets talk about the future Mr's suit. For a while now, this has been the inspiration picture we've been working with. We love the look of the groomsmen in vests, and the contrast of colours. Although, the future hubby's is a darker grey then this picture, and the groomsmen will be in more of a charcoal colour.


The future hubs found an awesome suit that he hasn't been able to get his mind off, so we went back on Thursday to check it out. He decided it was the one. It's from a store called "YD" and the suit is called the "Hada". It's a grey suit with dark charcoal highlights along the pockets/collar (tying in with the idea of the groomsmen's suits). He also picked up a matching vest and, after trying on a couple of colours, decided on a black shirt! A bold move but I have to say, it looks fantastic. When he takes off his jacket, he still looks very smart and sophisticated with a black shirt and his grey vest. It's a great look. Now we just need to get the men suited up and the ties sorted!


Friday I nervously took a box of sealed envelopes to work with me, bought stamps (I was 4 invites off getting a cash bulk order so had to stand in the post office and stamp them all!) and then sent off my babies with the hope that they would safely reach their recipients. I can't even begin to describe how nervous I was to send these - it seems irrational actually but I was so nervous that there was some mistake that I had overlooked or there was someone I had missed or mistakenly addressed the invites to...

I was on my own on my picture I could get!

Yes, I had to stand in the post office and stamp 46 of these.
If the people in there didn't think I was strange already,
They probably did when they saw me taking pictures...

I decided to have a wedding free weekend after sending out the invites but it really didn't quite end up that way! I did go with my family to visit my Nan at her nursing home for her birthday but afterwards we decided to go down to the jewellery store where my engagement ring was purchased as they had a big sale on that was ending this weekend! We had gotten a previous quote for our wedding bands there and when we purchased our rings this weekend, we ended up getting my wedding band, the future hubs wedding band AND my eternity ring for the same price we had been originally quoted for just the two bands!! Since my rings have to be custom ordered to fit my engagement ring, it seemed crazy not to get them both at such a good deal... The future hubby will just sit on my eternity ring until he seems it's appropriate to give it to me I guess!

Our rings are due to come in on the 10th of August and I'm very excited to see my band with my engagement ring (unfortunately there wasn't one in store to try with my ring...but it's the exact matching band to my ring so it was sorta a no-brainer for me).

Monday and Tuesday were spent nervously anticipating everyone receiving their invitations (and their responses!). I didn't have to wait long to start receiving messages from my girlfriends :) The first was from my lovely MOH (who even went so far as to admit she photographed the opening of the doubt I will share those photos!) and my bridesmaids and close friends soon followed. Everyone seems to love them, which has been a relief! I was worried about how they would travel in the mail but they seem to have done well. Once I have a better idea that most people have received their invites, I will happily share with you all. In the meantime, I have some DIY posts coming up, as well as some decor posts.

Blurring really kills the prettiness...damn privacy!

Did anyone else get SUPER nervous sending out their invitations? I feel like I was irrationally so!


  1. My husband got a darker gray than the groomsmen...check our wedding recaps...he found a great suit at Macy's...

  2. OOOOH! i loooove wedding blogs!!! i'll def be back :)

    want to follow each otherrr?!!



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