Saturday, June 23, 2012

into double digits!

Today we are officially under the 100 day mark! 99 days until our wedding and we have been busy little wedding bees this week!

All our wedding invites are finally finished and stuffed into their pretty little addressed envelopes - all that is left to do is seal them with the gorgeous little wax seal I bought today and send them on their merry way. I visited the local post office today to check that they could be hand-cancelled (they can) and check the postage that needed to be on them, only to discover we don't actually have to put stamps on them if we don't want - we can do what is called a "cash bulk payment", pay for all the postage together and send them off without stamps. They will still be hand stamped by the post office to say they have been paid, but they don't require an actual stamp. It would save me trying to chase down pretty stamps, which would mean we could get our invites out quicker...It's food for thought!

We met with our wedding coordinator on Wednesday! It was a great meeting - I had a million questions about how things would be working, all of which she happily answered and I can now sleep a little easier knowing how things will run, who will be doing what and which things we can/can't do (pretty much everything we wanted to do, we can). We also got to sit down and have a first look at the colours for our seat ribbons and the linen squares for our tables...the choosing of these may be quite a process!! Luckily for us, there is a Bridal Expo at our venue in a couple of weeks, so we are going to head down and see things set up so we can get a better idea. Mum and I went last year but the future hubs hasn't really seen the room set up so will get a chance to have a better idea of what we're trying to visualize. A couple of the colours we are considering are highly likely to be used as well, so it will be good to see them in person!

We also got a chance to show our coordinator (the lovely Rebecca) some of the final inspiration pictures we'd chosen for our centrepieces. We were a little worried that the rustic vibe we were going for was going to be something the venue wasn't able to do, given that much of what they show in the Expos/packages lean towards more of a glass/floral look and these are what we had taken in to show her:

The one the future hubs originally voted for
...with some alterations on the flowers

The one I recently fell in love with...

The one we've decided together that we love!!!!!

Luckily for us, Rebecca said that she has about 3 florists that she works with and she thinks that she has one in mind that should be able to do something for us that will work! We're quite excited to see what we come up with now! Of course, the flowers within would reflect the style of my bouquet.

We also received a call from our DJ/MC company yesterday, who confirmed our details and stated they would be sending through all the paperwork for us to get started on. Looking forward to picking out all our music (which has already begun) and officially jotting it all down!

Other projects have been coming along as well...items for some bridesmaids gifts arrived this week for me to work on (sorry, those will be post-wedding posts!) and I purchased some items for the flowergirls bags (a post on these will be coming VERY soon!). Our table numbers will be officially finished in the next week or so and a post will be up on those very soon also. Everything finally feels like it is starting to come together! The future hubs and Best Man are heading out to look at suits again tomorrow while Mum and I hit up Winter Magic (remember WM from last year?) Oh, and MoH Annie and I also hit up the shops on Sunday to start looking for Bridesmaid shoes and also did some wedding night lingerie shopping - that was loads of fun and probably deserves a post to itself!!!

But remember those little triplets we were all waiting on? Well they came into the world last Friday! Groomsmen Mark and proud Mum Kylie welcomed little Evelyn, Connor and April into their family on the 15/06/2012 and the fiance and I went to the hospital to visit them last Sunday. They are teeny and just precious. I can't believe these little people will be at our wedding! Making the two of us all clucky they are...aren't they just precious?

Three sleeping tiny and precious!

So - this weekend is almost a weekend off from hardcore wedding planning for me. I plan to keep my eye out at Winter Magic for any awesome decor items and I might get a chance to get started on the wax seals on Sunday. But hopefully with the invites almost on their merry way to our guests (I will be sad to see them go!) I'll be posting a little more regularly around here soon. Until then - I hope all is well and I am still reading everyone else's blogs and enjoying them thoroughly! (Particularly all those wedding recaps that are out and about for the newlyweds! Congratulations to all you new Mrs!!! xxxx)


  1. Just stumbled across your blog.... It makes me remember how much I loved planning my wedding and the stress of getting everything organized and together! Good luck with everything, I love your centerpiece ideas... Simple yet very elegant!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for following along and for your well wishes! I'm having so much fun planning but I have to admit - we just sent out our invites and I feel like it would be nice to have a little break before jumping back into more projects. They weren't *stressful* as such...but they sure were a lot of work! Popping over to check out your blog :) I hope you stick around and say hi now and then (if I don't bore you too much! :)..)


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