Thursday, June 30, 2011

last minute decoration purchases and an exciting piece of news!

Well, the name pretty much says it all, these are some last minute purchases for our engagement party on Saturday. I have moved everything into our dining room now (and have my study back, YAY!) in prep for Saturday morning, and I'm getting rather excited now! Some family I haven't seen in ages, as well as some friends we haven't seen in a good while are coming, so we are very excited to see everyone!

I promise this will be my last decorating post, they are probably boring you all by now, but I love having a record of every minute of our engagement and our wedding planning. And also, I'm worried I won't get photos of everything at the party, because I'll be too busy having fun :)

So without anymore ranting, here are some pics of last minute things I found at the wonderful store, Typo. For those who don't live in Aus (I don't think Typo is an international store), Typo is an AWESOME little stationary store that is just full of quirky little buys - it's very dangerous to walk into! I originally went in the other day to pick up some scrabble letter canvases to spell out "LOVE" for our cake table, but sadly they were out of stock of L and E! I did however find these AWESOME banners, which were hidden away on a little shelf and I only saw because I dropped something and had to pick it up. SO glad I did because I think these are my new favourite decoration. We plan on hanging this across the front of the stage in the hall!!!

I also found this cute little gold heart, which I have decorated with pictures of the future hubby and I throughout our relationship - from 2005 until the present! We didn't want to bombard people with pictures of us around the room, so this is fairly small and will sit on our guest book table. I'm sure I"ll find a way to use this at a later date as well!

And lastly, our guest book and a little side book (for any crazy comments from crazy friends!) that I picked up at Typo on sale, because it was so damn cute! The guest book I ended up finding in a wedding store and let me tell you - it is DIFFICULT to find one that isn't too "wedding-y" (ie. lots of white and diamontes and flowers!). I wanted something sleek and elegant, and with enough pages for all the guests we have coming! This fit the bill. You can't see too well in the picture, but the plastic protective sleeve comes off and underneath the black cover has a gorgeous silky pattern to it.

Now, for the exciting piece of news!!! My newest little godson, and the first godson for the future hubby and I as a couple, finally entered the world last night (after giving his mummy a LOT of false starts!) on the 29th of June, at 9:34pm. He weighs 3.77kg and is 51cm long! We haven't met him yet, but he and Mummy are safe at home now and we hope to be able to visit them tomorrow if Mummy is not too tired! See, he wanted to make it in time to celebrate with us :) (Mind you, his due date was the 26th - Mummy really wished he had come early!) Master Logan, welcome to the world!!! We can't wait to show you around :) xx

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

did i ever tell you...

Richard Exley

Did I ever tell you
that I love you
early in the morning
with your toothpaste kisses
and your sleepy eyes?
With your headaches and
that only goes away
if I hold you hand
and whisper the soft things
you like to hear?

Did I ever tell you
that I love you
at mid-afternoon,
during coffee-break time,
when clock and
crowded cafeterias
make smiles and warm hands
love's best language?
Did I ever tell you
that I love the way
you smell after a bath,
that I love the way you feel in bed beside me,
that I love the way
you look after I've loved you?

Did I ever tell you
that I love you?
I do,
I do,
I do.

introducing flower girl number 1... gorgeous (almost) 3 year old goddaughter, Emily. This spunky little miss is the daughter of my high school best friend, Kylie. Last weekend, Kylie, Emily, my mum, brother, sister-in-law and my sister-in-law's little goddaughter, Tahlia, went to a festival called "Winter Magic" in the Australian Blue Mountains. It's a celebration of the winter solstice, full of parades, market stalls, live music, yummy food and great energy. We go every year and always have a blast!!! This year was particularly cold *shiver*

The craziness that is Winter Magic! (and this is only one section!)

I thought that this would be a good time to give Miss Emily her special book! She loved it (and her mummy might have teared up a little). The first few images below are Miss Em getting her book on the train to the festival. The last two were sent to me the next day by her mum, along with a little story. Miss Emily gets read to every night by her daddy, and that night, after the festival, she asked her Daddy to read a very special book to her :)

I should also note that this little Miss will be getting an extra big birthday party next year - her 4th birthday is the day before our wedding!!! I am hoping to have a little birthday cake made for her to give her during the reception, so everyone can sing her a happy birthday :)

I also had to include this little pic in this post, because I LOVED it so much. Emily and my SIL's goddaughter Tahlia got along very well at Winter Magic, it was the first time they had met. This picture was taken when Miss Tahlia lent over and was explaining to Emily that if they both stayed in their prams, they could have hot chips and gravy!!! Much discussion about this ensued...cutie pies!!

I had also made each of the girls a little present, using the flowers I made from a previous post. As you can see in the pictures of Emily with her book, they seem to have gone down well :)

That just leaves giving our gorgeous little niece, Tamzyn, her special book! A post on that will hopefully come soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

check out this awesome giveaway!

Lily Chic Events has an AWESOME giveaway right now, filled with some awesome prizes...some of which could even be used for your upcoming engagement party/wedding or for those little tiny feet that might come in the not too distant future (or are already here!)

Actually...on second thoughts, it's terrible...don't check it out... (I want to win!) :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

another diy flower

After the fiddliness (technical word there I know!) of the last DIY flower I tried, this one was lovely and simple and I loved the results! I used a tutorial I stumbled across on 100 Layer Cake but instead of sewing the petals together, I used my trusty hot glue gun.

I think they turned out great! (although the picture of the final product is a little dodgy, I apologise!) In fact, I spent last night sitting on my bed, watching some Charmed re-runs (yes, I do love me some Charmed!) and making a whole bunch of different sized petals. Today I think I will turn them into flowers! I'm making some smaller ones to put on some pretty lace headbands for my little niece's 1st birthday next month.

I think these flowers would be perfect to use for any number of wedding projects, and I love that you could easily match them to any colour under the sun, and also decorate them with various jewels, feathers, bits and bobbles! What do you guys think??

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ice cream parlour bits and pieces

I've been a busy little party planner this week, hunting down items for our ice-cream parlour and giving them some sprucing up for the party! I've also finished all of the printing for this project and let me tell you - those little signs are a PAIN to cut out! It's been fun though, and I think it is all starting to come together...hopefully it looks good on the night, all those jars filled with yummy lollies and toppings!!!

My mum and I actually went shopping last weekend to get all of the cutlery, cups, plates, bowls and table cloths for the party, and almost all of the ordered decorations (my Chinese lanterns!) have arrived. We've had to go with more of a pink colour, rather then a peach, for most of the decorations, which is a bit of a bummer...but it's very difficult to get anything in the peachy/blush colour I like! Well, for the engagement party anyway! But I think it will be ok and hopefully the grey and white balances out the pink for a pretty ok balance of masculine/feminine. I just don't want the place to feel *too* girlie!

Without further ado, some piccies of my decoration work this week:

There are 3 of these guys, one for chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup and caramel syrup

These jars will have jelly beans, mini marshmallows, choc chips and m&m's in them...

...with these little guys inside to scoop them out!

And lastly, these little signs will be sitting inside icfe-cream bowls (yes, bowls that actually look like ice-cream...I haven't taken a picture of them, bad blogger!) with little spoons to dish out sherbert (my mum's request), 100's & 1000's, coconut and peanuts.

Mum and I also bought two big metal pots with lids (12L ones!) that we will store all of the ice-cream in. These will also have signs and ribbon. Unfortunately, they are at my parents house, so no photos for the moment.

Oh and I printed out and stung up the awesome banner from my previous post, which I love! :) Everything is now basically done, we just need to buy all the yummy treats to go inside!

I can't wait to see it all set up at the party, I hope everyone has a good time making their own sundaes!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

in other (non-decorating) news

We had a sad little invite returned to us in the mail on Thursday! The wrap around had been ripped when going through the machine, so the address was pulled off. One of my bridesmaid's invites too! I hope she didn't think I forgot her, since everyone else had received theirs! Lucky, I sent a fresh new one out yesterday :)

Poor little sad invite!

Also, my bracelet finally arrived!!! Whoo hoo!!! The thing is, after waiting so impatiently to get it, now I don't want to wear it! Until the engagement party anyway...But I can show it off to you guys!

I know...blurring out the last name defeats the purposes of showing you, since it just looks the same as the picture on the original blog post about it, but so far I haven't mentioned our last names, and I think I'll try to keep it that way. A little anonymity (is that right?!) never hurt anyone...

Can I just say again how much I love getting parcels from Etsy? Or Wedzu? They are always packaged so beautifully, it makes it seem so much more personal!


I've decided that work takes away too much time from blogging. It's just rude really! I feel like I have all of these things to blog about, and not enough time to do it! *sheesh* :)

Meanwhile, rant now over, I would like to show you some things I've been working on today!

First up, a little sign for beside our guestbook (all going well, the guestbook will have an entire blog post to itself!). I plan on reusing this little frame at the wedding for instructions for the thumb guestbook.

Second, the sign from an earlier post:

Now this is the one I would love some feed back on. The frame for this one will also be reused at the wedding on the cake table, with this little beauty inside:

[source unknown]
(come on, it's almost mandatory to have this phrase somewhere in your wedding these days, isn't it??)

My question however, is whether you think the sign I have made is readable...for the guests who DON'T stare at fun typography signs all day (like the rest of us!). I tried to make each line of the poem a different colour (grey/black/grey/black) to try and make it a little easier to read. Did it work, or do I need to hit the drawing board again? Thoughts?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

wedding proposal

This has got to be one of the simplest, yet must beautiful proposal videos I've seen. Check it out, I know I got teary: A Beautiful Proposal


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

cute little sign!

This evening I thought I would show you guys a little something that I've been working on.

During my wedding blog stalking, I came across this awesome little poem in a Ruffled blog post. I thought it would be a great addition to our engagement party, in particular so that those who are drinking alcoholic beverages don't get their cups mixed with the non-alcoholics!

I love the idea of filling one of the jars I've decorated with some black textas and popping a print with this poem on it next to it!

I'm trying to create a print on Photoshop. This is the look I'm going for:

[source unknown]

However, I'm not terribly good at working out which fonts to use and where to place them. Hopefully I get it sorted and can create something half decent!

Do you guys think this is a good idea?

random picture for the day...

...can you tell I love my ring??

a little diy flower

I found an awesome DIY material flower tutorial the other day and while bored one afternoon decided to give it a go! I know there are lots of tutorials out there for these little flowers, but I found I understood this one a little better then some. In fact, has some great DIY projects and ideas on there! Take a peek :)

I had fun making these little guys and it's good to know I could make some to match any material for possible flower girl/bridesmaid or anything else accessories...but they sure are fiddly! Easy, but fiddly. I think the most pain-in-the-butt bit is cutting the circles - the material is so hard to cut in circles! I'm thinking of attempting to maybe hole punch the material or something, to see if that works and is more efficient. It could prove rather entertaining and I'll be sure to share with you!

But for now, my first pretty flower, turned into a ribbon headband. (Note that this ended up being 2 flowers sewn together - I found that just 6 petals sewed together didn't really give enough of the "boofiness" (yes, technical word!) that I was after! Next time I'll just use more petals)

the engagement invites!

Finally I can show you the inside of our invites! Almost everyone has received them now and those who read this blog definitely have :) Blurring really is irritating when you've worked so hard on something, but definitely necessary.

So without any further ado, pictures!

This is what everyone received inside their envelopes:

Close ups of each item:

Unfortunately I don't have a close up of the invite on the backing card, which was a pretty shimmery peachy colour, but I think they turned out well! I've had lots of people asking what company I went through :) Quite proud to say I did them myself!

And this is what our families and closest friends have received as well. We will be sending out a second round of Save The Dates once the guest list is finalised, but given the amount of people getting married around the same time as us, we wanted to give family and our inner circle a heads up!

We decided to make the Save The Date a magnet, so everyone can pop them on their fridges! And yes, I caved and added a mini STD - I couldn't resist that cute little Wedding Chicks one! I loved it and had to use it somehow :)

And close ups:

Whatcha think guys? I was quite happy with them! So far, positive feedback from those who have received them!

Friday, June 03, 2011

for my MoH...

...because I think she'll like the stationary in this shoot! Click the picture for the whole shoot :)


Ok I just made a quick layout concept for our party, and thought I'd share! It's very dodgy and in no way accurate in terms of sizing, etc. but it's a general idea. I'm working from memory here - our family used this hall for both my brother's engagement party and my SIL's 21st, so I already know it's a great space and therefore didn't go down and check it out. Only bad thing is that it means I am trying to remember everything from...oh a while ago! I will organise a visit before the day of the party, but for now, memory it is!

The pink dots are the floating candle pieces, and the white ones represent the flower jars...apologies for the dodgy-ness!

I also have purchased these lovelies from various eBay stores to hopefully decorate the room with. I'm thinking about using them in groups along the edge of the stage, the kitchen window bench (the shutter will be closed to not see in the kitchen) and also on the cake/card cage tables. What do you think?




What do you think?

On a side note, I've spent a very productive afternoon reorganising all of the wedding stuff I have collected so far (my folder is full of pretty things now!) and also organising everything I've collected and bought for the engagement party...and I've discovered the engagement party is going to need a folder all of it's own! Did anyone else find that? Or am I just an overly-organised freak? :)
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