Friday, June 03, 2011

engagement party decorations

I've started pulling together the decorations for our engagement party. There's plenty more to come and plenty more to pick up, but here's what I have so far.

The other day, my order from Fabulous Fete on Wedzu (they also have an Etsy account!) arrived. You might remember me blogging about it in my engagement party post. They are really cute and I can't wait to hang them up around either the ice cream parlour, or the cake table. I have to make a comment on the LOVELY personalised postage that Fabulous Fete do as well - not only does it all come wrapped all pretty in tissue paper, but there is also a fabulous little individual thank you card as well! So cute. Makes you want to buy more :)

I also bought these great tiny pink pegs (which look SUPER pink in this pic...they are really not that bright!) from Office Works, and I'm toying with the idea of hanging little pictures from the beginning of our relationship up in between the flags...I'm debating whether it's Graham and Amanda overkill however!

Next up are the centerpieces. As well as the little jars you saw in the DIY project post, these lovelies will be down the middle of the long rows of tables. Filled with gold stones, water and white floating candles (couldn't get a happy medium peachy colour and didn't want to go with pink!). I have an alternate plan for these lovelies at the wedding but for now, that's a secret :)

Last up, some fun sprinkles for the tables! The white/shimmery sprinkles aren't as full on as they seem in these pictures, they are much more subtle when they are spread out. And the gold hearts tie in with the engagement theme, as well as the gold stones :)

Whatcha think guys???

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