Friday, June 03, 2011


Ok I just made a quick layout concept for our party, and thought I'd share! It's very dodgy and in no way accurate in terms of sizing, etc. but it's a general idea. I'm working from memory here - our family used this hall for both my brother's engagement party and my SIL's 21st, so I already know it's a great space and therefore didn't go down and check it out. Only bad thing is that it means I am trying to remember everything from...oh a while ago! I will organise a visit before the day of the party, but for now, memory it is!

The pink dots are the floating candle pieces, and the white ones represent the flower jars...apologies for the dodgy-ness!

I also have purchased these lovelies from various eBay stores to hopefully decorate the room with. I'm thinking about using them in groups along the edge of the stage, the kitchen window bench (the shutter will be closed to not see in the kitchen) and also on the cake/card cage tables. What do you think?




What do you think?

On a side note, I've spent a very productive afternoon reorganising all of the wedding stuff I have collected so far (my folder is full of pretty things now!) and also organising everything I've collected and bought for the engagement party...and I've discovered the engagement party is going to need a folder all of it's own! Did anyone else find that? Or am I just an overly-organised freak? :)

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