Friday, June 17, 2011

another diy flower

After the fiddliness (technical word there I know!) of the last DIY flower I tried, this one was lovely and simple and I loved the results! I used a tutorial I stumbled across on 100 Layer Cake but instead of sewing the petals together, I used my trusty hot glue gun.

I think they turned out great! (although the picture of the final product is a little dodgy, I apologise!) In fact, I spent last night sitting on my bed, watching some Charmed re-runs (yes, I do love me some Charmed!) and making a whole bunch of different sized petals. Today I think I will turn them into flowers! I'm making some smaller ones to put on some pretty lace headbands for my little niece's 1st birthday next month.

I think these flowers would be perfect to use for any number of wedding projects, and I love that you could easily match them to any colour under the sun, and also decorate them with various jewels, feathers, bits and bobbles! What do you guys think??

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