Wednesday, June 01, 2011

diy projects!

Today I'm going to give a little run down of what was keeping me so busy last week (aside from the invites and the wonderful blogs I was reading!) and prevented me from posting much!

I've been working on some DIY for the engagement party and I have to say, these projects have made me realise how much I love making things, and how much I'm going to miss working on all of this after our wedding! I'll have to find something to keep my hands busy as a newly wed I think!

First up, I made a whole bunch of little flags to decorate the cupcakes I will be making for the dessert table. There's heaps of them, but here I've just included one of each design. (Please excuse the terrible photos, they were all taken on my iPhone in bad lighting!)

Then I started working on decorating the jars for the flowers and/or tealights (we have a bunch of different sizes, the extra small ones are likely to have tealights in them!). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. All the jars have an individual design and I have to admit that I like the look of the ones I made AFTER taking these photos best, but I couldn't be bothered taking more shots! Will include them in photos from the actual party :)

This was a simple and straight forward DIY, but I think they turned out well! Very easy for everyone to do themselves, little instruction needed. Just to note, the paper in the first few shots is actually a light grey and a peach colour, however the lightening makes them look pretty similar!

And lastly, I jumped on the computer and used Photoshop 5 and our new snazzy printer to make these cake toppers for our engagement cake! Not sure which one/ones we will ended up using, if any, but again a really easy DIY that I think turned out pretty well! What do you guys think??


  1. These are gorgeous! Also I am impressed at your ability to neatly punch the paper. I mess that up all the time, even if it's not technically that hard!

  2. How crafty and what great this!

    Liesl :)

  3. Thanks Tracey! I learnt that the trick is to line the first two holes in the pattern you just punched up with the picture on the side - will make it line up perfectly every time!! So after the first 2 punches (since you only need to line up 2 holes the first time you move), you need to move the paper 3 holes across and bam, perfect punching :)

    Thanks so much Liesl! I'm enjoying making things so much :)

  4. These are so beautiful!!! Love this!


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