Sunday, June 26, 2011

introducing flower girl number 1... gorgeous (almost) 3 year old goddaughter, Emily. This spunky little miss is the daughter of my high school best friend, Kylie. Last weekend, Kylie, Emily, my mum, brother, sister-in-law and my sister-in-law's little goddaughter, Tahlia, went to a festival called "Winter Magic" in the Australian Blue Mountains. It's a celebration of the winter solstice, full of parades, market stalls, live music, yummy food and great energy. We go every year and always have a blast!!! This year was particularly cold *shiver*

The craziness that is Winter Magic! (and this is only one section!)

I thought that this would be a good time to give Miss Emily her special book! She loved it (and her mummy might have teared up a little). The first few images below are Miss Em getting her book on the train to the festival. The last two were sent to me the next day by her mum, along with a little story. Miss Emily gets read to every night by her daddy, and that night, after the festival, she asked her Daddy to read a very special book to her :)

I should also note that this little Miss will be getting an extra big birthday party next year - her 4th birthday is the day before our wedding!!! I am hoping to have a little birthday cake made for her to give her during the reception, so everyone can sing her a happy birthday :)

I also had to include this little pic in this post, because I LOVED it so much. Emily and my SIL's goddaughter Tahlia got along very well at Winter Magic, it was the first time they had met. This picture was taken when Miss Tahlia lent over and was explaining to Emily that if they both stayed in their prams, they could have hot chips and gravy!!! Much discussion about this ensued...cutie pies!!

I had also made each of the girls a little present, using the flowers I made from a previous post. As you can see in the pictures of Emily with her book, they seem to have gone down well :)

That just leaves giving our gorgeous little niece, Tamzyn, her special book! A post on that will hopefully come soon!


  1. so sweet :-) we had 4 little girls in our wedding (ages 7-1) and some of my favorite pictures are with them

  2. Oh I can't wait to have fun with the girls on our wedding day - I can't wait to see the little person our niece has turned into by then (she's only 9 months old now!)

    As for Miss Emily, every time I see these pictures I just want to squish and kiss her gorgeous little face :) Love her!


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