Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've decided that work takes away too much time from blogging. It's just rude really! I feel like I have all of these things to blog about, and not enough time to do it! *sheesh* :)

Meanwhile, rant now over, I would like to show you some things I've been working on today!

First up, a little sign for beside our guestbook (all going well, the guestbook will have an entire blog post to itself!). I plan on reusing this little frame at the wedding for instructions for the thumb guestbook.

Second, the sign from an earlier post:

Now this is the one I would love some feed back on. The frame for this one will also be reused at the wedding on the cake table, with this little beauty inside:

[source unknown]
(come on, it's almost mandatory to have this phrase somewhere in your wedding these days, isn't it??)

My question however, is whether you think the sign I have made is readable...for the guests who DON'T stare at fun typography signs all day (like the rest of us!). I tried to make each line of the poem a different colour (grey/black/grey/black) to try and make it a little easier to read. Did it work, or do I need to hit the drawing board again? Thoughts?

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