Thursday, June 16, 2011

ice cream parlour bits and pieces

I've been a busy little party planner this week, hunting down items for our ice-cream parlour and giving them some sprucing up for the party! I've also finished all of the printing for this project and let me tell you - those little signs are a PAIN to cut out! It's been fun though, and I think it is all starting to come together...hopefully it looks good on the night, all those jars filled with yummy lollies and toppings!!!

My mum and I actually went shopping last weekend to get all of the cutlery, cups, plates, bowls and table cloths for the party, and almost all of the ordered decorations (my Chinese lanterns!) have arrived. We've had to go with more of a pink colour, rather then a peach, for most of the decorations, which is a bit of a bummer...but it's very difficult to get anything in the peachy/blush colour I like! Well, for the engagement party anyway! But I think it will be ok and hopefully the grey and white balances out the pink for a pretty ok balance of masculine/feminine. I just don't want the place to feel *too* girlie!

Without further ado, some piccies of my decoration work this week:

There are 3 of these guys, one for chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup and caramel syrup

These jars will have jelly beans, mini marshmallows, choc chips and m&m's in them...

...with these little guys inside to scoop them out!

And lastly, these little signs will be sitting inside icfe-cream bowls (yes, bowls that actually look like ice-cream...I haven't taken a picture of them, bad blogger!) with little spoons to dish out sherbert (my mum's request), 100's & 1000's, coconut and peanuts.

Mum and I also bought two big metal pots with lids (12L ones!) that we will store all of the ice-cream in. These will also have signs and ribbon. Unfortunately, they are at my parents house, so no photos for the moment.

Oh and I printed out and stung up the awesome banner from my previous post, which I love! :) Everything is now basically done, we just need to buy all the yummy treats to go inside!

I can't wait to see it all set up at the party, I hope everyone has a good time making their own sundaes!!


  1. ummm...I'm officially inviting myself to your wedding. Ice cream is my all time FAVORITE...esp. ice cream sundaes, what an amazing idea!

  2. Hehe well, the engagement party is next weekend! Feel free to fly to Australia and join us! (a second honeymoon perhaps?) hehe

    I can't wait to see how it goes down with everyone!!! xx

  3. this looks like it's going to come out great!

  4. This was a BRILLIANT idea and it tasted even better! MoH

  5. Shame the ice-cream melted :( But 'twas still lots of fun!!


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