Sunday, May 22, 2011

the engagement party!

Ok, so I am still working on the invites - they are done but I can't put them on here just yet! I'm still waiting for a few addresses, then they will be sent out and I can share them! I would love to hear what you guys think of them.

But what I CAN share, is what I've gotten (or am getting!) organised for the decor for the party!

We're having the party in a local hall, connected to my sister-in-law's family church. The hall is MASSIVE compared to most of the local halls around here, and trust me, we are going to need the space! So far, we are planning on having all the tables lined up in long rows (as opposed to smaller round tables - I feel like everyone might get chatting more and mix up the groups a bit more if they are all together!) with kid-friendly grey table cloths (we are having a LOT of kids there, so they may have to be plastic!), glass bowls with gold stones and peach (or as close to the peachy/pink I'm after as possible!) floating candles, and mixed size, decorated glass jars with some blooms inside. The glass jar decorations will be a DIY project so there will definitely be more on that soon (right now I'm still collecting jars!)

The reason I'm having the glass bowls with the floating candles is that a) I wanted a smaller centerpiece that people can talk over and that also won't take up too much room on the tables (since we are having so many people!) and b) I plan to recycle them at the wedding for something specific...but I don't want to go into that just now!

So that's all pretty simple and straight forward...I'll be picking up some blooms the morning on the party and just popping them in the jars myself. Nothing too fancy. The part of the decor that IS getting me very excited though, is our dessert/cake area!!!


A DIY Ice Cream Parlour!!! If you go to the source link, you can see the full, amazing layout of this parlour and all the freebies are there! I've downloaded them all and I'm SO excited for this part of the night!

Given that we are having so many children at the party, my mum and I had already decided to have a big ice cream dessert area. Finding this DIY project was icing on the cake! I'm so excited to decorate this area, and also the cake table and slushie machine area that will be near it. It will all be decorated in a similar style! I've already printed off THIS amazing freebie from Heirloom Paperie, to go over our cake area:

I have also downloaded these cute-as-pie mini flags for some cupcakes I hope to make:


Lastly, I have also bought these cute little flags, which I'm sure I'll find a home for, from Wedzu:

I just hope that it's a nice, fun and relaxed atmosphere and it looks good :) Thinking about trying to find some grey, peach and white paper lanterns to hang or sit around the room as well...And we managed to work some bunting into our invites so I think they really reflect the look I'm going for for the room!

What do you guys think? Is it going to work? I always get so nervous that things will just be a flop...


  1. Everything looks great! Don't worry about the party being a flop- it's technically in your honor so just relax and let the host do the worrying! Besides any time you get family and friends together and feed them, I think it's bound to be successful!

  2. hi from WB! every thing looks great! Hope to see some more great stuff from you soon :)

  3. Lady - LOVE the ice cream palour idea - Faron will spend all night there bahahha

  4. Bahaha yes I remember his fondness for the all you can eat ice cream at Pizza Hut. LOL. Maybe I should get some extra ice cream...!

    Just realised that the link for the source isn't working though, so I'll fix it now!

    Thanks Karissa and Tracey! :)


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