Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was home from work today thanks to a busted tyre (I had my car for 2 years with no flat tyres then as soon as I get new tyres - BAM!) so I spent a lot of the day reading through some amazing wedding blogs I found (and am now following! check some out!). To be honest, the amazing ideas and creativity out there have blown me away and I'm feeling so overwhelmed that I actually didn't feel like blogging today!

Until I found this.

I happened to go onto Wedding Chicks to look up a completely different monogram that I wanted to try with A&G, for the engagement party related stuff (since I can hardly use A L G ones yet!), a discovered that they had put up a new monogram. With our wedding font. And no last name, just first names. It's PERFECT!


I spent the last couple of nights playing around with a monogram to use as the sticker for our engagement invite envelopes. I had originally wanted to use this one:


But when I printed it in the size we need it to be, it looked terrible. Given that most of the other's use the future-hubby's last name initial and we can't use them yet, and Darling Monograms and Barroca Monograms both don't have an option for "&", I decided to try and make my own. I came up with these two:

monogram without border with colour small

I will probably still use one of these as a watermark behind our card cage poem (which I have created myself and will post about later), but I think the new Love monogram by The Wedding Chicks will be just right! I'm going to print it off in the sticker size now and see how it looks. Wish me luck, because I *love* it!


  1. I LOVE that wedding chicks one! So cute!

  2. Me too!!! So excited when I found it, and it turns out that it works PERFECTLY for our stickers... :) Wedding Chicks has some great stuff!


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