Sunday, May 15, 2011

my Saturday night!

Well I'm sad to have lost a bunch of comments thanks to Blogger's little hiccup the other day, but at least I didn't lose any posts! Haven't had a chance to do much wedding-related searching recently because the focus has been on the engagement invites that I'm finally almost able to get out!

I managed to find paper thick enough to be able to be used for our little cards in the envelopes, but still able to go through my dad's printer, and I printed a bunch of them off yesterday afternoon. My Saturday evening was spent cutting them up and cutting the corners! I think they have turned out good so far, although I ran out of paper so still have a few lots to print off. Then it's onto the actual STD and invites! I'm kinda using the engagement party invites as a test run to see how well things can turn out if I do them myself, so hopefully it all goes well! So far so good, and the "Love" monogram from a couple of posts ago works PERFECTLY as a sticker! Yay!


I also did up the bird cage this weekend, and I think it's turned out well! What do you guys think?? xx



  1. that's beautiful!! I love your cards sign!!

  2. Thanks! It took all of about 5 seconds but I think it turned out well :)


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