Saturday, May 07, 2011

save the dates

Along with our engagement invites, I have been making our Save the Dates. Save the Dates don't seem to be a big thing here in Australia, unless you are having a wedding overseas and need to give a decent amount of notice for planning reasons. But since there are a number of people getting married around the same time as us, who run in the same circles (or family!), we decided to include a Save The Date for those invited to the wedding, with their engagement invite. I'm also going to make sure that none of our wedding related things, conflict with anyone else's wedding related things - I don't want to have to put our guests in that position and I want to make sure that each of the other ladies is Queen of her own day and events as well :)

So I was looking at a lot of Save The Dates along with invites to get some ideas. I managed to find one that I loved (and have since created, minus the picture) but these are a few of the ones I saved because I thought they were cute. I seem to really like the carnival-style ones!!! I guess because I would want something more formal for our wedding invites, I liked the idea of something a little more fun for our engagement invites and our STD! The first one is from The Wedding Chicks and I love it, it's very cute...I was very tempted by it...



  1. haha as much as i love the "she said yes" all i can think of is that mine would say "he finally asked!!!" BAHAHAHAHA

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh PLEASE let me make your Invites with something like that. LOL!


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