Tuesday, May 03, 2011

flowergirl project is finished!!

After a busy, BUSY weekend, catching up with a lot of gorgeous ladies (it really was an AWESOME weekend), I finally got a chance to sit down and finish the books for the girls. I can give them out this weekend and I'm quite excited. So, without further ado - the finished project!

(warning: there may be a lot of pictures of the envelopes...the amount of hassle we, and specifically my dad, had trying to get the damn things printed definitely requires some pictures of the end result haha)


Last night I also started the insert for my nephew's Page Boy book (on order) and designing something for the future hubby to put with whatever he decides to do for his groomsmen...when he finally decides to ask them...

Taking forever to ask the groomsmen seems to be a common theme with the men-folk! Did anyone else find their future hubby took a while to get around to it?

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