Sunday, May 08, 2011

deciding on a stamp

I'm trying to pick out an address stamp for all of our invites, for our return address. I can't decide! There are so many gorgeous ones on Etsy! These are the four that we've narrowed it down to. The future hubby isn't really fussed...I can't decide on my own!

Which do you guys like best??

photos from the ForYoo Etsy store


  1. Oooh, I love the 2nd one. It's cute! I wish I'd have thought of this before sending mine out!!

  2. I =really= can't decide! I'm thinking of ordering two, one for our wedding invites with just our first names, and then order 3rd one with our shared last name, for our thank you cards after the wedding! That would be exciting hehe. Sadly, I don't think it will come in time to use on our engagement invites, but I'm going to try!!!

  3. i say the 3rd one! Its classy - and would go with both the wedding invites and the engagement invites?

  4. Laina - I LOVE the third one but it's not really appropriate until AFTER the wedding I guess, since it will be our shared last name! So I'm going to order it to use when we do our thank yous and everything. I think I am going to order number 1 for all pre-wedding stuff. I could rush order it to be here for engagement invites but it basically doubles the price...I don't think it's really THAT worth it LOL


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