Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Invites and Save the Dates

The past weekend was definitely invite based! After all the little fiddly cards and stickers on Saturday night, Sunday was spent taking pictures and printing off Save the Dates....whiiiiiiich I'm now not sure about anyway....fun times. Don't get me wrong, I really like them but because of the picture that we settled on for the actual engagement invites, I feel like they are too similar. And I'm a little sad that neither of them ended up being with our signs! Purely accidental, we do have some nice ones with the signs (which I'll show you soon!) but we both really loved the picture we've decided to use for the invites and unfortunately the Save the Dates really needed a colour picture (as the rest of it is grey and white!) and we only really had one colour picture that we felt appropriate for the STD - all the sign ones that we liked were in B&W, or were using the opposite side of the cards, when I really wanted to use the "He asked" and "She said Yes!" sides (more engagement appropriate me thinks!)

It now looks like we can't actually send the STDs with the engagement invites anyway, thanks to difficulties with the wedding list (we all knew that was going to happen. It's inevitable during wedding planning, and more so when you are close to all of your first cousins...like I am). So if we are sending them out at a later date, there's a possibility of taking one specific photo for them and reprinting them. They actually didn't take all that long, so I'm happy to do that. The card stock was only $6, so it's hardly going to break the bank!

Here's a preview (I feel ok putting this on here since only 2 people who are actually going to receive these are reading this, and they have both already seen them!):
I think they look like more work then they actually are! But they aren't finished yet either...I'll wait to see what happens with the photo...

Has anyone else had problems with choosing similar photos for two different pieces of stationary?

We hit a problem also with the way of presenting these STDs. Originally I had the idea of cutting the edges with a border cutter, but when I actually did it, something looks not-quite-right about them...what do you guys think? We can do something similar to the top option, or leave them plain like the bottom, trim them and round the corners:


Would love to hear what you guys think!


  1. These are so cute! I like the bottom option, and I like the rounded corners idea too

  2. Thanks! I think I'm leaning towards the simplicity of the bottome one too - all trimmed up with clean rounded corners...the top one worked in my mind but doesn't seem to quite translate!

  3. http://www.weddingchicks.com/2010/01/05/free-photo-calendar-save-the-date-card/ - Link for the Save The Date template if anyone is interested :)


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