Sunday, May 29, 2011

make up!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, my ladies and I had a make up party!!

While at the Bridal Expo a couple of months ago, my bridesmaids and I ran into a lovely lady named Rebecca, from Wye Cosmetics. As it turns out, the company not only does bridal make up, but they do parties to sell their make up, which is very similar to Napoleon and MAC. So after having a chat with her, it turned out that if I booked a party I got a free lip palette AND I got a free wedding trial at the party! Free stuf?! Sign me up!

So we booked the party back then, and it finally happened yesterday. It was great fun and a lot of the girls got some new make up out of the deal (it is SO much better to get to try make up before you buy - none of this getting home and having the totally wrong colour/type for your skin/crappy mascara that looks nothing like the ad!)

And of course, I had a make up trial.

Now, I'm not a heavy make up wearer normally. Some mascara, bronzer and lip gloss and I'm out the door. *Occasionally* there's a little eye shadow. But foundation and all that jazz? Usually left for the big nights out.

So one of my big things was that I really don't want to look *fake*. I want to look like myself, just a little more polished. I had make up done for my 21st (*cough* Napoleon) and looking back at the pictures, I really hate it. It was so fake and looked like it was plastered on! And I really don't want that for my wedding photos.

So this was my inspiration pic - I LOVED this look, but also said that I was happy for the colours to be altered to suit my skin tone, etc.

I had some other photos as well but believe it or not, I couldn't find them to print them off to show her...until today. Always the way! Oh well, the pic above is what we were going off.

This picture was taken just after she finished. Please remember these photos were taken in bad lighting and on an iPhone so really don't do the make up justice.

Yep, that's my little nephew again...he's looks kinda grumpy but he really wasn't. He had girls fawning all over him all day - he loved it!!

Unfortunately, you can't really see the shadows on my eyes in this pic, but she did a really lovely job with some nice browns and golds.

Below are some pictures taken at the end of the night, after the party AND after I'd been out to dinner with some of the girls. This was approx. 8 hours later, so the colours had settled and the eye shadow wasn't as sharp as the original application, but it blended together nicely and still looked really nice at the end of the night, so I'm happy I got to see how it lasted! We also had been in a rather warm restaurant which great because as someone who easily turns red with heat (and alcohol!), I wanted to see how the foundation stood up. I'm happy to say that by the end of dinner, despite my cheeks feeling rather hot, my MoH reported no redness! Was rather excited by that...

So. What do you guys think? I would love to hear some opinions!! I hate how bad the photos are from the end of the night but it was the best I could do. (Can you tell our bathroom has terrible lighting at night? Good light in the morning though!)


  1. I think your makeup looks gorgeous! And it held up really well, too.

  2. Thanks Heather! Are you back from your honeymoon? Hope you had an amazing time!!!


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