Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Invites and Save the Dates Pt. 2!

The story continues yesterday, with the delivery of a wonderful early engagement gift from my parents! They bought us an AWESOME printer/scanner/fax/photocopier (ie. everything but the kitchen sink!) with a second lot of cartridges - and gave it to us now so that I can do all of our engagement invites! We loves our new toy :) The future hubby got stuck into it as soon as they left and we had it up and running last night:


I love that our printer was nice enough to congratulation us on our first wireless print off!


So it's all set up and shiny now, I picked up some paper today and have just started printing off our engagement invites! I'll give you guys a preview in the not too distant future. My FMIL and FSIL stopped in this evening for various reasons, and got to be the first to see the invites :) So far so good, they thought they looked good!

On that note, I leave this post with a picture of the awesome book my FMIL bought for me and dropped in tonight! I'm so excited to look through it, and already know that it has a template for the wedding invite I was looking at making! Quite excited! What cool things have other people bought you, related to your wedding planning??


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