Monday, May 09, 2011

instead of a wishing well...

I just realised that I passed my 1 month blogging birthday the other day! How fun. If you cannot tell that I'm addicted, maybe the fact that in the 9 days of May I've managed to post 16 entries might give you a clue! (compared to 20 in the whole of April!)

Anywho...I've had quite a busy wedding/engagement party related day today, as evident by the many posts today. I apologise, but I really do want to record every moment :) And it's the random things that I find, that get me the most excited.

Not long ago, I saved this picture while randomly looking through Etsy. I loved the idea of a card holder that was a little different then a traditional wishing well (although my hubby-to-be's father has made some pretty lovely ones!).


I told my mum about it, who thought it was pretty cool, and decided that at some point down the track I'd have a look through the markets and see what I could find. Figured we'd just use one of the FIL-to-be's for the engagement party and see if I could get a bird cage for the wedding.

Then today, I was down at the shops getting engagement invite related items, and as I was walking past a store THIS happened to catch my eye:


It's perfect! Pay day, I am heading back to pick it up. So excited! Now to buy some pretty ribbon and print off a sign for the front, and that's another thing down. Whoo!

What kind of ideas did/do you guys have for your card holders/wishing wells?


  1. wow! that birdcage looks JUST like the picture you saved! that's perfect! We are using a large gift box we got at our engagement party that is in our wedding colors.

  2. I couldn't believe how perfect it was! Crazy! I went and bought it yesterday, and I'm sorting out the ribbon for it today. If it's all pretty tonight I might take a pic and upload it :) Quite excited!

    I love the idea of the box, I considered a treasure box :) Sounds like it will be lovely!


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