Monday, May 09, 2011

wedding related delivery!

Whoo! I had been waiting patiently for this package all 4:30 I had given up. At quarter to 5, a lovely lady knocked on our door! Couldn't believe it, I was very excited. (warning: yes, I AM a stationary nerd...) It is my wedding organiser!

I ordered this last week from Kikki K and have been waiting rather impatiently for it to arrive. After opening it all up, it's already filled with all my contracts so far and a bazillion wedding related items. I feel much better already, knowing it is all organised and in one place! *sigh happily* Below are some pics of my new baby...Anyone else slightly OCD about organisation? What kinda of things do you have to keep all your wedding gear together?



  1. that's very cute!! Way to stay organized!

  2. I do love me some stationary supplies :)


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