Thursday, June 30, 2011

last minute decoration purchases and an exciting piece of news!

Well, the name pretty much says it all, these are some last minute purchases for our engagement party on Saturday. I have moved everything into our dining room now (and have my study back, YAY!) in prep for Saturday morning, and I'm getting rather excited now! Some family I haven't seen in ages, as well as some friends we haven't seen in a good while are coming, so we are very excited to see everyone!

I promise this will be my last decorating post, they are probably boring you all by now, but I love having a record of every minute of our engagement and our wedding planning. And also, I'm worried I won't get photos of everything at the party, because I'll be too busy having fun :)

So without anymore ranting, here are some pics of last minute things I found at the wonderful store, Typo. For those who don't live in Aus (I don't think Typo is an international store), Typo is an AWESOME little stationary store that is just full of quirky little buys - it's very dangerous to walk into! I originally went in the other day to pick up some scrabble letter canvases to spell out "LOVE" for our cake table, but sadly they were out of stock of L and E! I did however find these AWESOME banners, which were hidden away on a little shelf and I only saw because I dropped something and had to pick it up. SO glad I did because I think these are my new favourite decoration. We plan on hanging this across the front of the stage in the hall!!!

I also found this cute little gold heart, which I have decorated with pictures of the future hubby and I throughout our relationship - from 2005 until the present! We didn't want to bombard people with pictures of us around the room, so this is fairly small and will sit on our guest book table. I'm sure I"ll find a way to use this at a later date as well!

And lastly, our guest book and a little side book (for any crazy comments from crazy friends!) that I picked up at Typo on sale, because it was so damn cute! The guest book I ended up finding in a wedding store and let me tell you - it is DIFFICULT to find one that isn't too "wedding-y" (ie. lots of white and diamontes and flowers!). I wanted something sleek and elegant, and with enough pages for all the guests we have coming! This fit the bill. You can't see too well in the picture, but the plastic protective sleeve comes off and underneath the black cover has a gorgeous silky pattern to it.

Now, for the exciting piece of news!!! My newest little godson, and the first godson for the future hubby and I as a couple, finally entered the world last night (after giving his mummy a LOT of false starts!) on the 29th of June, at 9:34pm. He weighs 3.77kg and is 51cm long! We haven't met him yet, but he and Mummy are safe at home now and we hope to be able to visit them tomorrow if Mummy is not too tired! See, he wanted to make it in time to celebrate with us :) (Mind you, his due date was the 26th - Mummy really wished he had come early!) Master Logan, welcome to the world!!! We can't wait to show you around :) xx


  1. What very cute finds!! I'm loving your blog!! I'm hosting a giveaway this week for a lovely pair of pearl earrings, feel free to stop by and enter and check out my blog too. Would love your feeback on my planning process as well!

  2. *pops over to check out your blog* I love finding new blogs to read!!! :) Thanks for your lovely comments!


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