Thursday, June 02, 2011

mrs always right

Love this.


Can you tell I'm having an Etsy day?


  1. These are so fun!!!
    I've been following your blog and love all of the fun projects you've taken on! I especially love your take on the Rifle Design bridesmaid invites; you did an AMAZING job!! Do you have a template that you'd be willing to share? If so that would be a huge to help to my uncraffty self. Thanks!! Brandy dot Washington @gmail dot com

  2. This is hysterical! Thanks for posting. I am def getting these.

  3. bwashing - I'm so glad to hear there have been people following. It makes me excited :) Thanks so much for your lovely compliment, I'm loving all the little craft activities so much! I'll send you a quick email to let you know what I have.

    Future Mrs C - they are awesome aren't they?! I could just see the future hubby's face if they turned up on our couch haha...


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