Friday, April 08, 2011

bridesmaid project

So while all this searching for a date and venue was going on, I was working on a special project for my bridesmaids. Now I am very lucky to have many amazing women in my life, so it was quite a task for me to choose who would stand beside my on my big day! And I ended up with more ladies in my bridal party then I ever thought I would...AND I still could have had more!

But before I introduce you to my lovely ladies, let me show you the project I had worked on for about a week and a half/two weeks before officially asking them all to stand by our side.

While looking up venues, I stumbled head first into the amazing world of wedding blogs. One of the first things I came across, that I loved, was this post at Once Wed (one of my favourite wedding blogs!). Immediately falling in love with the idea, I checked out some of the real life versions that other brides-to-be had created. Upon doing so, I found Heather's gorgeous version of these dollies, on her blog "he asked. i said yes". That's it, I was sold and set about making my own version for my special ladies!

Below are pictures of the finished product. They are much fiddlier then they look, but so much fun and worth the effort :) The ladies seemed to love them!

Ps. If you have time, definitely have a read of Heather's blog, she has some amazing ideas and her craft work (including her GORGEOUS hand-made save the dates) is stunning!!!






...All the little dollies lined up in a row...

My lovely ladies!


  1. I LOVE them!! You did a fabulous job! And thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. Thanks Heather! And they are all true, your stuff is gorgeous :) Can't wait to see more of it!


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