Friday, April 15, 2011

colour scheme cont.

Ok. So while I really liked the idea of that scheme, the idea really didn't get set in my head until I came across all of these.... Now, I am completely in love....


I love how the colours are pretty, girlie and rather romantic, without being SO overwhelmingly girlie that they will make the future mister cringe...In particular, I love the photos with the girls in the three different colours - the peach/salmon/grey. I never though that grey bridesmaids dresses and grey suits would work, but the mix of colours looks amazing!!! However, I also love the fact that I think other pastel colours, like green or lavender, could easily slip into the colour scheme without looking out of place...particularly lavender, given it's closeness to grey...

These cake pops gave me the idea of possibly adding lavender:

(19 of 96)

The washed out peach/blush in this photo is the type of colouring I originally had in mind, but I also like it a little darker, like in the earlier pictures. I really wouldn't mind these three colours for the girlies, with the boys in grey...

So! What do you guys think? Do you think it will work? In particular, do you think that the roses will still work with this colour scheme?? I'm hoping now that we can find some pretty dresses for the ladies in colours that go together well...The future hubby has decided on a light grey for the groomsmen, as opposed to a dark grey or charcoal, so this appears to be our scheme so far! It will be interesting to see how this changes as we go along...


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  1. Mmmmmm.... I do believe it will look delicious!


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