Tuesday, April 19, 2011

some more bits and pieces

So. Yesterday we got our first engagement gift! It was from my lovely Aunt :) She just couldn't wait for our party hehe. We were going to wait to open it, but there was a possibility that it was something that someone else said they were going to get us...so we decided to open it. And it was that. (Sorry Laina!)

But here are pics of our first official engagement gift! (Yes, I was a naughty blogger, we opened it before I took a picture! lol)

Whoo hoo, a slow cooker :) Can't wait to try it now that the weather is getting colder - yummy warm dinners that will be ready when I get home from work...Awesome!

On a side note, I've been making up a CD of lovey dovey songs to listen to in my car...partially because I'm in the mood for it, partially to get some ideas for music. Yes, it is rather early to be organising music but anyone who knows me will know that music is a big part of the feel of the wedding day for me. Certain songs have already been picked (and have pretty much been picked for years!) and are locked in! Bride's entrance, signing of the certificate, reception entrance and first dance music are already set. However for all the other music slots, I have too many options of songs I love...I need to limit the number and then make some suggestions to the boy :)

Oh, and thanks to my gorgeous SIL Juzzie, my Father/Daughter dance was discovered at the beginning of the year :) Originally I had always planned to dance to "Horses" by Darryl Braithwaite with my dad...Memories of car rides with my dad as a little girl...BUT no longer the case! (I'm leaving it for you Laina!) Juzzie found the best song for me...But I don't really want to post it 'cause I want it to be a surprise... Same with my entrance song... maybe...LOL

Now I'm sneaking off to bed after a TIRING day at work, but I thought I would leave you with some more little tidbits that I like and am considering for the wedding:

This was one of the FIRST things I found and wanted to use at our wedding, and my mum was quite excited by them too :) I know they are rather popular in America now, but here in Oz we've never seen them at a wedding before. The good ol' ribbon wand:


I am considering some more manly "flags" for the gentlemen...But I love the idea of our nieces and nephews who can't be in the bridal party getting to hand these out before the ceremony from a cute little bucket, then as we walk down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time (*squee*) everyone waving them - I would love the photographer to get an awesome shot of it from the end of the aisle.

I also love the idea of this little chair addition - it's so cute! Obviously we would need to work it in our colours but I love the idea of it...


This was the banner I was talking about in an earlier post, when discussing the idea of incorporating it onto our table -

original Martha Stewart Wedding post here

Annnnd lastly, the seating chart I'm considering making. The frames that I would use on this chart would be replicated in the picture I want to have beside the cake, the frames for the family wedding photos I want to display and the instructions for our thumbprint tree! Below is also a gorgeous picture that lead me to want to incorporate our family wedding pictures...I'm thinking of doing the display of pictures on the island in the middle of the room (see what I'm talking about here) so long as they won't block the view for the people behind the island.


Picture 1
- Editor's note: I can't seem to find the link for this tonight, will post if I locate it!


  1. great inspiration pics! I love that Just Married Banner, and the wands are a great idea!

  2. Thanks so much! Here in Oz people just tend to use bubbles. Bubbles, bubbles, all the time...

    I'm not using bubbles. Bubbles are evil and dangerous.

    (side note: last year just before Christmas the future hubby and I were playing with those "catchable" bubbles outside (yes, we are just big children!)...I ended up falling over and slicing off the whole bottom of my toe and couldn't walk for a week. It wasn't pleasant. Hence, bubbles are now evil!)

  3. MoH would like to taste the trial of the slow cooker!!

  4. MoH is more then welcome to join us for said meal once we work out what to cook! lol


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