Sunday, April 10, 2011

a big weekend!

So I'm rattling this off quickly, before slipping into my warm bed after a busy weekend...

Yesterday was a big day for us! It was the future hubby's first baseball game (which they won! 11-3), the future hubby's birthday celebrations (much fun was had!) and most importantly for a wedding-related blog - I handed over our contract for our venue!

Attempts were made to get a shot of me holding up our paperwork, outside our vevue. Apparently I looked like a school kid holding up an assembly award in every other shot...So this shot wins!!

Though this proves said attempts!

We had a lot of fun - I showed my MoH the reception room, then we and my little brother went for a wander and a play around the grounds. Annie took some great panoramic shots that I might share a bit later, and my brother took some gorgeous artsy shots in the grounds. There were lots of bees!

Love this shot of our Chapel (although not so much of me!):


We also found this gorgeous little corner of the grounds, that we're going to let the photographer know about - there's this gorgeous little brick bridge with a lovely old lamp post...and on the other side of it are a number of gorgeous trees (where unfortunately a couple were sitting so we couldn't really take any photos) that backs onto a lovely big field. I got quite excited imaging my future hubby and I sitting underneath them and the sunlight filtering through the leaves... *happy place*


All in all, we had a fun morning traipsing around the venue, only to return home for a very busy, but fun filled night and evening with my future hubby. Today (after the clean up from yesterday...still not completely finished mind you!) I have given my browser's "bookmark" area a work out, with the number of cool DIY projects I have found! Now to go through and cull...Will update soon on, but I think I've found our Save The Dates!!!


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