Wednesday, April 06, 2011

...girlie night...

About a fortnight after getting engaged, some of my lovely ladies took me out for a night of wonderful pizza, cocktails and catching up. Great fun was had and some ideas started to be shared! I also got my first wedding mag from the lovely Romana!




A few of my lovely bridesmaids are hiding in these shots...but more on that later!

One of the lovely ladies in these pics, Laina, had just started her own Soy candles and melts company (highly recommended, check out her Facebook page here). I had previously made the suggestion that she could possibly help us make a signature scent for our wedding...well Laina took the idea one step further and suggested we not only have a signature scent, but that we use the scent to create wedding favour melts or candles for our guests to take a little piece of our wedding home with them!

Well of course I fell in love with the idea and suggested it to the future hubby. He loved long as the smell could include vanilla and cinnamon (sorry Laina! She hates vanilla). This night was the night we received some vanilla and cinnamon melts to try, and started making suggestions with what we could mix with it...

So far we have had one trial batch (the cinnamon/vanilla overwhelmed the other scents...but made our house smell yummy, like doughnuts!) and have also found a few other scents to trial. More on that later, as we work our way towards our signature smell!

Has anyone else ever tried to create something "signature" (scents, music, cocktails?) for their wedding?

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  1. The candle idea is perfectly you!!


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