Friday, April 08, 2011

my ladies!

Ok! I've shown you how I asked my lovely girls to be my bridesmaids, so now I'll introduce you! With nicer pictures, since the one in the last post was thanks to a mobile phone and terrible lighting!

I should note that the future hubby has not yet asked his groomsmen, we are thinking of a cool way for him to ask them as well. However, I handed the ladies their dolls on the 26th of March, at the Parramatta Bridal Expo, since I knew it would be the one time I would have them all in the one place! And it was good fun...although a very squished expo it was, with none of the pretty dress shows we were hoping for! But that just means we get to go to more... :)

SO! Onto the ladies...

First sisters :)


To the left, is my baby sister Danielle. As you do with sisters, we've had our ups and downs growing up but she's always been my "fairy princess" little sister. Now the mummy of my gorgeous little nephew, I couldn't be more proud of her then I am today. She's grown into a beautiful young woman and I would never dream of not having her by my side on our special day.

To right, is my beautiful NEW sister, Justyna. Juzzie married my younger brother, Christopher, in a gorgeous ceremony in January this year. She also honoured Danielle and I by asking us to be her bridesmaids. We had an amazing time sharing in their special day, and I hope to give her the same experience :) We spoil our little nephew rotten together, and love it. (Hey, we have the right! We saw him take his first breathe in the world :)... )

Next up is the Three Musketeers - I could never do anything without these three ladies by my side. They have supported the future hubby and I through our good times and bad, more then most people would know. And they have always done it with loving and open hearts.


The gorgeous blondie on the left is the lovely Romana. The crazy lady in the front is the amazing Annie, my bestie and MoH. In the gorgeous polka dots is Miss Kylie.

The 3 of us all went to the same senior high, but Romana really entered into the lives of Annie and myself a couple of years back. It seems like we've known her for a life time! Now the mummy of a GORGEOUS (almost) 2 year old, Violet, Romana is a beautiful lady with a wonderful kind-hearted soul :)

Miss Kylie and I met in senior high and shared a love of dance...we also may share an obsession with shoes...(mmmm shooooooes....) Newly wed herself, having just celebrated her first wedding anniversary, Kylie is a wonderful dancer, an excellent teacher and an even better friend!

Last but not least, is my bestie and MoH, Annie. Annie and I first met when we were iiiiitty-bitty tots, way back in preschool. Yep, that's our preschool picture below!


Anywho, Annie and I were friends all the way to primary school - until she changed schools (and her school was in my school's parking We then briefly ran into each other randomly in high school at sport (of all things...we are not sport people. We were bowling!). Reuniting in senior high (only to discover we had shared friends all along!) we've been bringing out the worst, I mean BEST in each other since. An amazing artist and a great teacher (even with the crazy students!), Annie is the lovely lady who suggested I start this blog. Mostly I think so I stopped bombarding her with random ideas...partially so that I could have a record of all the cool things I keep finding for her!


So that's them. All my wonderful girls. I can't wait to share this time with them, have crazy days dress shopping, and lots of catch ups over pizza and magazines! Love them all with all my heart and so glad they have accepted to go through this special time with us :)

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