Friday, April 15, 2011

colour scheme

Well, I had a few more ideas to show you, but since I've been working on this today, I thought I would share what COULD be our colour scheme with you...

Now. I should note that this has complete evolved from me having no idea of any colours except my flowers, to me completely falling in love with a particular set of colours...BUT I am highly open to change and we could end up with something completely different!!

SO. I'm going to take you through the process of how I got to where I am today...sorry for any rambling, this is bound to be a long post!!!

It all started with a rose.

A rather pretty two-toned rose actually.

My nan grew these roses in her garden. They were huge. As a matter of fact, in my family these roses have come to be known as "Amanda's HUGEMUNGOUS roses". Yes. I was little. And that is what I would call them. Below is an example of the roses, although my Nan's big ones weren't QUITE so pink at the tips - but she did have a smaller version that went quite pink.

Star_Ambiance_Novelty_Bicolor_Rose_250Pink-yellow rose petals closeup

Now. On our VERY first Valentine's Day together, the future hubby gave me a Teddy Bear. And that Teddy Bear was holding none other then a faux version of one these roses. I still have it. See, there it is!!! (Ps. The Teddy's name is Alfred. I still have him too!)


So naturally, these flowers have a lovely back story for me. Even more so since my grandmother will be unable to attend our wedding day - she has been in a nursing home with a number of years now, she suffers from Dementia and Alzheimer's. I love my nan, and I love the idea of getting to have a small piece of her with me on my wedding day, despite the fact that she cannot be there in person. So these roses were always going to be part of my flowers, no matter what. As such, I was planning on using the yellow/pinky coral as accents for the day - they would be in all our bouquets and also in our centre pieces.

This is the smaller version of the roses that I am hoping to use in our bouquets

When it came to bridesmaid colour and table setting colours, all I knew was that I didn't really want the bridesmaid dresses to be "matchy matchy" with the tables. I wanted a nice neutral palate for the tables, for the colours of the roses to pop against, and a nice neutral scheme over all, so that the bridesmaids would pop as well! As for the specific colour of the bridesmaid dresses, well I was pretty much open to anything that would look nice against the yellow and pink of the roses. Originally I had a pretty moss green in mind, but had decided (and still have decided) to go with whatever colour myself and the girls fell in love with.

By not having the girls matching the tables, it really meant that I could start planning the table settings (and therefore invite schemes) without worrying about matching certain colours or tones. Originally, I had in mind an ivory/dark champagne/black theme for the tables and the invites, as I felt it was elegant and neutral enough to go with most colours.

The future hubby however, has decided to go with grey suits for himself and his groomsmen, which I LOVE. I did however then feel that the black in the ivory/champagne/black combo might look a little odd - having black accents when the boys are in grey. I decided to put the colouring aside for a while, and talk with my wedding coordinator a bit later about how she would suggest tying in the colours.

Then one day, as I'm out shopping on my lunch break, I discovered this headband. I couldn't believe it, I bought it on the spot. The grey, the ivory...the "blush" colour that was *almost* identical to the pretty champagne colour ribbon I had been carrying around, just slightly more pink...I loved it!!

A most unusual place for inspiration...a head band...but given my accessorizing history, maybe not so surprising...

So since finding this headband, I've started looking around for inspiration for this colour theme and have completely fallen in love. Here's a couple of inspiration boards I've found:

dahliaweddingbouquet centerpiece arrangement pink purple vintage romantic flowers wedding peach

See that bouquet there, in the second last inspiration board??
This one?

I love it. I hope my roses will look ok in something similar to that. What do you think???


  1. I love this color palette! It's very soft and romantic, but at the same time, not too girly.

  2. I love your color selections! Great job! When is your wedding date?!

  3. @Heather - Yay! I think the boy is happy with it so far :) Although he thinks we need another accent colour...

    @Laura - Thanks!! I'm quite excited about it now :) 2 of my bridesmaids are coming around my place today so I'm looking forward to discussing it with them and getting their thoughts! Our wedding date is set for the 29th of September, 2012 :)


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