Thursday, April 28, 2011

busy busy day!

I'm writing this before taking off for work (yes, I don't start work until 12pm everyday...but I also don't finish until 8pm!) so it may be a little rushed...bear with me!

I have so many things that I want to put in here, and I keep running out of time! I'll get to them eventually, but I thought I would write a quick post about yesterday, as it actually turned into a day of many wedding purchases...purely by accident!

It all started off with my needing to buy some simple silver/grey envelopes to move forward my flower girl project.

Exhibit A:

That didn't take me very long on my lunch break at all, so I decided to wander over to the shopping complex. Snap second decision, I decided to go and see if Borders had a further discount going on yet.

Our local store is closing down, but their wedding section (where I had been eyeing off a book I didn't want to pay full price for!) had only remained at 30% off. Then it moved to 35%. Finally, yesterday it was 40%. Still wasn't really enough to justify me buying the book I had been looking at - It was really nice, full of quotes and explanations of where wedding traditions had come from...But really, I could find quotes on the internet. I really wanted a nice little book of vows/poems/readings. And yesterday I found it. Purely by chance because it DEFINITELY wasn't there last time I looked. AND it was cheaper then the other book, meaning that with the 40%, it was a reasonable purchase! So I got it! I love that it looks nice and vintage-y too...and inside it's all lovely visible binding, which is nice! Going to start looking through it today to find some readings for my FSIL's to choose from...


After that, I spend some time wandering through the shops...bought a non-wedding related couple of purchases (a shirt for $5 and a headband for $5! Score!) then wandered into Rubi Shoes. And found these cute little headbands in one of our wedding colours (or what I'm hoping will be a wedding colour). I figured, if we use them, great! They were 2 bucks! If we don't, great! They were 2 bucks. :) If we don't end up using them I'm sure my nieces will love them in a pressie...but they will look pretty cute on our flower girls if the colours work :)


Lastly, my sister messaged me during the day to say that there was a packages waiting for me at my parents house! (I forgot to delete their address off my Etsy account...I only moved out 2 years ago...sheesh...hehe) My photo props finally arrived!! (Thanks Easter extra-long weekend for making it a longer wait then normal) I'm so excited to play around with these this weekend. Hopefully the weather dries up a little so we can play :) I showed them to the boys last night with a "'ll take some fun photos with me right?". He rolled his eyes and walked out...but there was no 'no'! That's a good sign ;) Hehe

Both sides:

I was discussing the "Thank You" and "I'm his Mrs", "I'm her Mr" with the photographer on the weekend and she was so excited...but more on that later! I'm off to work! :)

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