Tuesday, April 12, 2011

random things I love so far

Ok so before I launch into today's post, I wanted to share this pic that my iPhone accidentally took yesterday. Just because I think it's cool and it's likely to get lost among the random photos I have on my phone other wise...

Cool huh?

Anyway...onto the real post!

These are just a few of the million awesome things I have found online so far...please note that I DID spend almost a whole afternoon and evening on DIY bridal related websites the other day *sigh* It's so dangerous!

But these are a few of the things that I have fallen in love with and we are likely to have/use at our wedding. And a couple of things I just think are cool (and wish I had found when my friends were getting married!)

First up - the thumb print tree! I found this on Etsy and fell in love with it a while ago. I LOVE that we can have something with all of our guests from the wedding that we can hang as art in our house - tell me that isn't going to be a conversation piece! Plus, I LOVE green (our house has a lot of green accents at the moment) and I love trees! It's a win/win really...maybe I can add some cute little love birds on there after the wedding ;)


The tree comes with 2 different colour green stamps and some instructions for use (also quite cute!). I've got the perfect vintage-looking frame (the style of which I also want to use in another decor element) in mind already :)


They do offer a number of different sized trees for various sized weddings and I think they are a great idea. I also like the nice "simple but elegant" design of this thumbprint tree, as opposed to others I've seen.

Next up is the ring bearer bowl that I plan on ordering for my little nephew to carry down the isle. The rings are tied in place, so less likely to go running off under chairs, and I love that we can customize the wording on the dish. These bowls do come with gold or silver gilding as well, but I personally prefer the plain white. Again, something wonderful that we can keep and hopefully one day we can pass it on for our children to use (if it survives without breaking!)


Ever since I saw an article on customized cutlery at weddings, I knew I wanted to get a little set for the future hubby and I...now the choice becomes, "Which gorgeous set do I choose?!". What do you guys think?


[source] [source]

I also want to incorporate something similar to these gorgeous signs onto or around our bridal table. But I plan on making them, after finding a DIY tutorial, with our wedding colours. But more on that later!


I also love that we could incorporate it into our photos! I love a good typography-related photo prop! Exhibit A:

The last Etsy related-comment I would like to make, is that I made my first official "wedding related" purchase last Monday! These gorgeous photo props!



Assuming I can convince the future hubby (which could be difficult!), I'm hoping to use the proposal-related props in the shoot that my little brother is going to do for us, to get some images for our engagement invites, and our Save the Dates. I LOVE the blurred out picture with the kiss, maybe we can muck around with something similar...

So that's pretty much it so far...they are mostly things that I want to include in the wedding, but there may end up with things being culled, given the amount of amazing things I have found! Once I've cleared out some bookmarks and worked out what things I truly love, I'll definitely share some of the ideas I have! I also hope to start working on our colour scheme, and possibly the start of an inspiration board. More on all of that soon!

Leaving you with some pretty images of these GORGEOUS bracelets I found on Etsy...Yes, I am an Etsy-aholic. Come join me. We have cookies.




  1. Where do I start lady - i LOVE it ALL! Hahaha

    Thumbprint tree is fab - so unique and very you! and i smiled at the "leaf" your thumbprint hehehe

    Im in love with the gorgeous ring bowls!! They are super cute!

    Cutlery - i like the "i do" & "me too" ones most!

    I am also loving the photo props! They are so fun!

    haha I always get so excited for you!


  2. Naw yay for excitement hehe. Glad to hear you like it all :) I can't wait to see it all come together... :)

  3. I concur with Laina... "I do" and "Me too" for the cutlery!

  4. I knew what your answer would be without asking!! hehe


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