Friday, April 22, 2011

ooooh shiny!

Yep, a new layout...well, it's temporary for the moment, until I design a pretty new banner and what not...but for now it will do. A little more customised, a little less cookie-cutter. Feeling better already!

So! Wedding related stuff...where to start...

First of all, I should probably note that I made the CD I was talking about in the previous post. I made the mistake of putting our father/daughter dance on there. It came on, on my way to work yesterday. I got all teary. *pathetic*...*grin*

Second of all, I've been looking at photographers for a while now - checking out websites, trying to find photographers who suit the style I'm after (photojournalism, natural light photography...aka "pretty, washed out, vintage looking photos". Technical term that one!). It's proved surprisingly difficult as most of the people I have found are interstate, or out of our price range. The first photographer whose work I completely fell in love with is sadly not taking on any weddings after April 2012. *cries* Her work is amazing though, if anyone wants to take a look - Christine @ Pobke Photography.

She was kind enough to recommend a friend of hers, Kelly Tunney. Again, beautiful work. Sadly, not available on our date.

I've stumbled across a number of photographers since then, in fact I found one today that I have just emailed for further information. But tomorrow I am meeting with a lovely photographer based up the Central Coast. Her name is Sandra Henri and her blog can be found here. Unfortunately, given that she works as a freelance photographer she hasn't been able to include any weddings on her blog as yet (as the blog is for her personal photography company), but this is one of the reasons I'm going to see her tomorrow - to see some of her wedding work and see if our visions fit. We've had some lovely email chats and she mentioned how very excited she was during our first exchange, to hear that what I was looking for was the style she likes to do so...*fingers crossed!*

Other then that, I have mostly spent time playing around with some monograms! It's been great fun and there are a number of great free ones out there. I'm still going to muck around with my Photoshop and see what I come up with on my own, but I thought I would share a few of the free ones I have made so far. All of these images were created from The Wedding Chicks website, however I'll hotlink each monogram, in case you want to go straight to it! (Yes, this post is about to get rather picture heavy)

I'd love to hear what you guys think about these! I'm going to put together a page and then show the future hubby, so that he's got a range to look at. Already there are some that just won't make the cut, because they aren't even remotely close to our wedding theme...but they were still fun to play with. Of course, the difficult thing in creating a post-marriage monogram for the future hubby and I, is that his last name is french. And therefore has 2 initials, rather then just the 1. Some monograms only offered the option of one letter...and while the 2 letters with our first name initials look odd, sometimes just the L on its own looks odd I'll keep playing. But which one do you guys like the best so far?! And have any of you also had trouble making monograms with your initials?

So far I think the last one is my favourite...although I do like the "L" version of the 'vintage', and also the 'fancy' one!

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