Thursday, June 07, 2012

my wedding dress...

I have a number of posts floating around my head and pictures ready to go - finding the time to write them is proving difficult. However I just had to share with you all -

I just got the phone call to say my dress is in store! How exciting! Now is when it all starts to feel real I think! The fittings will begin, alterations...I can't wait!

It does mean I have to make a few decisions before my first fitting though. I'll be making the first date when I drop in to make the final payment on my dress in the next 2 weeks. I need to decide on undergarments and the big one...

My shoes.

Now, I thought I had my shoes set. I had purchased these purple beauties and I won my gorgeous "I Do" stickers from Happily Ever After.

Purple Pretties

Now the problem is, I bought these shoes before I bought my dress. I was hoping for a pretty shot like this you see:

Still an awesome shot!

But ever since I chose my dress, these gorgeous purple pretties haven't been feeling quite right. My dress has quite a vintage feel about it and these babies...well, they feel more modern. I took them with me when I tried on my dress for the second time, the day I ordered it, and I didn't quite feel it.

Since then, my mind has been wandering back to these beautiful little creations that I snapped at Forever New.

Lace Beauty

When Mum and I went shopping for her MoTB dress, I took my Mum into the local Forever New store to get her opinion. She loves them and votes for them hands down. So now I put the question to you my dear readers! Help a bride-to-be out! I know it's hardly fair, since you haven't seen my gown (and won't til after the wedding!) but I'll leave you with the words - vintage-style, lace and beading. Which shoe would you do? Bold, different, PURPLE? Or traditional, pretty, LACE?

{and of course either will be adorned by my gorgeous "I Do" stickers! That goes without saying!}


  1. though the white ones might "fit" with your dress a bit better, i'd still choose the purple ones you already have. i love the pop of color and you will surely get lots of awesome photographs where your purple shoes stand out! go with your instinct, though. perhaps buy the white pair and on your wedding day just choose the one you feel works best right in the moment. then, if you don't wear the white ones you can return them!

  2. I completely agree with Hannah. I think you should go with the fun shoes that really tie in to your wedding colors. I am SOOOOO glad I went with purple shoes for my wedding for so many reasons... one being the pictures, but ultimately I was the one who knew the purple was there and it made me feel like the day was extra fun!!

    You can see some pics of mine on my blog...

  3. Thanks ladies! Since I already have the purple ones and they were pretty darn cheap to buy, I'm thinking of purchasing the second pair (again, they aren't expensive, in fact I probably would have willingly spent the price of them both together on one pair of wedding shoes!) and taking them both with me to my fitting and choosing which pair when I'm there. I think I won't know which pair feels right until I have them both on, with my dress!

    The good thing is - either pair I could see myself wearing again. So I feel justified buying them, they aren't shoes I would wear once on my wedding day and then sit hiding away in the back of a closest...

  4. i think that they are both gorgeous!!! i love that i am able to wear my shoes again, every time i put them on, i think "these were my wedding day shoes" and it always makes me giddy! i cant pick between the lacy ones and the purple... if youre getting both than you can wait till day of to decide lol

  5. I think they are both really nice but I am partial to the lace!

  6. Well, as it turns out - the lace ones were 40% off. So I went to buy them. When I got to the counter? They were 40% off AGAIN. Er, Ok! I'll take that!! Only ones left in my size, perfect in the box, never tried on...I think they were meant to be?

    So now I have them both, I'm going to take them with me to my first fitting and decide then (since I'll need to know what shoes I'm wearing so that my dress can be altered to suit, length wise...I was at a wedding over the weekend where that *didn't* happen and the poor girl was tripping over her dress trying to walk up the aisle :( She handled it with grace though and just held up her dress a little!)

  7. Urg, I LOOOOOOVE those purple shoes and they would have been PERFECT for my wedding. Ah well, what can ya do! I am definitely one for going a little "wild" for your shoes. I opted for an obnoxious pair of gold sparkly pumps! They looked awesome in pictures because it is so unexpected :)

    1. Ahh see now if I was wearing a dress like yours I would wear the purple ones without question Lacey! They totally would have worked and I can understand completely why you went with awesome gold pumps!!! Even just from the pics you've put up so far they look awesome!!!

      I'm going to have to go in and try them on. That's the only way I'm going to decide. Maybe I can do bottom of the dress snaps for you all. hehe.

  8. I know you follow my blog, but I didn't know if you saw my post on Friday with my bridal portraits... there are some with the purple shoes on there :)

    1. I read your post today actually and saw the awesome photo with your feet up and your shoes poking out! They looked so great!!! I was MIA at the end of the week/this weekend so only got around to catching up on blogs today...your portraits are gorgeous :)

  9. I absolutely LOOOOVE those purple shoes! I had hot pink shoes on my wedding day and I loved them! But, I also love the lace heels as well and if you have a vintage dress, I vote for the lace ones. Especially since you said the purple ones didn't feel quite right and if you are second guessing yourself, you need to go with your gut and what feels right! Let us know what shoes you end up choosing!!!


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