Monday, May 28, 2012

dressing my Mumma

Yesterday my Mum and I went shopping to start searching for her Mother of the Bride dress. Prior to that, we'd only had a look at one dress in a local store, that was pretty but wasn't quite *perfect*.

Yesterday we has been tossing up between going to two different shopping centres (or malls for the American readers :) hehe) We *almost* went to the one closer to my workplace and decided against it because it was the bigger centre and we figured we would likely need a full day there - yesterday we only had a half day. As it turns out, it was the best choice we made all day!

When we made it to Penrith Westfields, the first place we headed to was Myer. We didn't find a lot in here for my Mum to try on (it's a smaller Myer, with less choice than the bigger centre closer to my work) BUT I did try on a potential dress for bridal shower/kitchen tea. My mum loved it, I loved it and now I can't stop thinking about it. I think that means I need to go back and get it. I tried searching for it on the Miss Shop website and it's not listed yet (I think it's new stock) and all I have is a really bad iPhone dressing room mirror picture of it... I can't decide whether to share it with you or wait to see if it shows up on the website! But to give you an idea - its vintage-style lace, with a black band waist, fitted, strapless dress. It's elegant, stylish and says "Bride" without screaming it. I think maybe it's perfect....

After not spotting anything in Myer for Mum, we decided to head to the Food Court for lunch, then hit the ground running. Just before the Food Court though, we passed Diana Ferrari and I steered Mum closer - "Wait, duck in here for a second...look at that dress at the front." All the other dresses were darker, winter colours, but this one dress hanging right out front waiting for us had everything we were looking for - fitted, cap sleeves, came with a matching jacket and in a colour that complimented our wedding colours just perfectly.

The woman in store, Kylie, was just LOVELY, and upon finding out what we were shopping for, started helping us out immediately. We got Mum her size dress and jacket to try on, and while she was in the change room Kylie found her the perfect matching shoes and clutch, so when Mum walked out she had everything styled and didn't have to imagine a thing.

She looked stunning!

We knew straight away it was the perfect dress. Mum's first words were, "Ok, I don't need to look anywhere else". The dress was SO flattering and it was everything Mum had been looking for. The fact that she didn't even need to go elsewhere to find the perfect shoes and bag only sweetened the deal! Mum felt fabulous and it shone through. I'm so happy about how great she feels.

Below is the dress, jacket and shoes Mum purchased for our big day! (unfortunately the clutch isn't on the site) For some reason the outfit appears to be more of a white colour on the website but in reality the dress is an Oyster colour. The shoes at the bottom match the band around the middle of the dress, with the rest of the dress being slightly lighter then the shoes, so they can give you a better indication of the colouring. I can't wait to see it against the girls dresses, it should blend in so well with the colour palate, while still being distinctive enough for my Mumma to feel special :)

The dress:

The jacket: (Mum wanted a little jacket to wear during the ceremony and remove during the reception for par-tay time!)

The shoes: (Mum LOVES these - they aren't too tall, super comfortable and the perfect colour!)

I still can't believe we found my Mum's whole outfit within half an hour of being at the shops. We spent the rest of the afternoon just browsing and enjoying an afternoon together. My mum also saw these shoes (remember them from this post?) in person and loved them... But more on that soon!

Shoes from Forever New but not available online. A black version can be found here and a similar white version, minus the lace, here

How did you go finding your Mum her MotB dress? Was it easy or difficult? I've heard some amazing stories! We ran into the mother of an old friend while shopping who shared her MotB dress story with us - she had given up on finding hers, then walked into a store (the store I bought my wedding dress from!) and they had the dress she had been searching for, in the perfect colour, IN HER SIZE out the back, just needing a new zipper. She paid for it and they set about putting in a new zipper for her. That night, her father had a stroke and ended up in hospital. If she hadn't walked into that store and found that dress, she wouldn't have found one because she she spent up until the wedding caring for her father and making the bridesmaid dresses. Talk about meant to be!!

How did your MotB shopping go? Have you started? Are you looking forwarded to getting your Mama all dressed up?


  1. That's a great MOTB dress!!! It was quite a chore for my mom to find her dress. My husband's mom found her dress right away and it was black, so we looked for a black dress for my mom and could not find anything that she liked and felt good in. She ended up finding a lime green dress and it looked great on her, and lime was one of our wedding colors anyway, so it fit the wedding perfectly, too!

  2. Your mom's dress looks amazing!! I had fun shopping with my mom, but it was a little difficult. She wanted a specific cut, lenthgthnand sleeve. We were also shopping in the summertime for a winter time wedding!

    1. We thought we were going to have difficulties for the same reason Lisamarie! Shopping in autumn for a spring wedding and Mum had something specific in mind that she couldn't quite explain...but luckily when she tried this one on it fit the bill perfectly! And it was the ONLY dress in the store NOT in winter colours (think navy, dark purple, etc.) It was meant to be...We were so lucky!


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