Saturday, May 19, 2012 planning update...

Hi BlogLand!

Wow, I've really disappeared for the last few weeks haven't I? I do apologise! I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth, we've just been busy with those wedding planning things that aren't very exciting to blog about until, well, they are finished! For example, over the past couple of weeks we've been:

- Picking out our menu options, or at least what we would like to try at our upcoming food tasting. Not really fun to blog about UNTIL our tasting, which I promise to recap (it may leave your mouth watering...particularly the desserts!)

- Started organising our ceremony order and talking about our vows. We've still got a way to go, including picking our readings, but once we have those chosen I can start blogging about our choices and start working on our programs (another DIY you'll see on here!)

- Finalising our guest list (well, it's *hopefully* the final list). While it was hard it has by no means been dramatic (thankfully) so hardly blog worthy... BUT it has meant a start on the most exciting and time consuming part...

...drumroll please...

- Making a start on our invites!! Last pay day I picked up all of our card stock and envelopes and we have been waiting patiently for our little wooden hearts to make an appearance on our doorstep. Yesterday was spent printing, cutting, hole punching (my arms are sore today to prove it!) and sticking, and tomorrow will be much more of the same. Today when I left for work I discovered a little parcel sitting on our doorstep containing our hearts (yay!) which means that we can get our main invites completely finished!!

I looooove deliveries!

So that's my plan for this weekend. Next week will be the Reception and RSVP cards, followed by the envelopes. We just need to follow up on confirming addresses for our overseas guests and we should be right on track to post out our invites at the 3 month mark (although we're likely to send our overseas invites a little earlier). Last night was the first time I could really see them starting to come together and I began to relax a little. I've had a bit of a hard time with our invites... I've had a vision for them but I was having a hard time turning it into a reality. I guess I was scared to try for fear it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I'm still a little worried it won't, but the more I see them come together the better I feel. I do still wonder what our guests will make of them. While everyone in BlogLand probably won't bat an eyelid at them (they aren't that flash haha) they are rather different to what everyone around us here in RL usually get for wedding invitations so we might get mixed responses. BUT! I guess that's the point. I mean, that's what we have wanted to do with our wedding - find little things that are different! :) The main invite design is quite simple (despite my love of calligraphy) as the future hubby and I worked together to get something we both loved and the future mr is a big fan of clean and simple. We've definitely tried to keep the 'bundle of love letters' feel to the overall look, as per the original inspiration, and a rustic element to it (as the future hubby has been leaning to in most of the inspiration pics he has liked throughout our planning process for much of the wedding). I wish I could show them to you now, but all in good time...

- I also started working on a wedding website for us. I'm still in two minds about whether to use it or not. Because we are planning to use a StoryMix Media smart phone app video account for our wedding in a way it seems to make sense to have one - to explain the app, how to use it and the code and also to have information on the Resort, accommodation, directions, etc. on there... But at the same time I've never received a wedding invite where someone has had a wedding website before so it almost feels kind of...pretentious maybe? I don't know if that's quite the right emotion but regardless I'm not quite sure about it yet... Is anyone else using a wedding website? Have many of you received invites linking to a website before?

Needless to say we still have a lot to do before the wedding but we're getting there. Now that we've made a start on the invites I'm feeling better about the list! It feels like one of the biggest things is being crossed off so it's real progress, instead of just little DIYs. It does make for boring blogging though!

But fear not! I purchased a number of items for more DIYs to make a start on over the next few days (after the invites or whenever I need a break from them!) so there will be posts coming your way soon. In the mean time I'd love to hear from some more 2012 Blogging Brodes below - how are you all going with your plans and To-Do Lists?!

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  1. We did use a wedding website... it's actually still there. We used it A LOT because we had a number of out of town guests. Here's the link that you can browse through if you'd like...

    We put the web address on our Save the Dates (which I'm guessing you are past at this point) and ended up putting a small, separate little square of paper in our invitations that had hotel info and that also directed them back to our website.

    Side note... I absolutely LOVED our experience with StoryMix!!!

    1. Thanks Lexi! I'll have a peek through your website! They seem quite common place in the US wedding world but here in Australia we don't seem to have quite caught on yet...Save the Dates aren't widely used unless you're having a destination wedding and we're yet to receive an invite where someone has used a wedding website. I think we might use one though, mostly to explain the StoryMix side of things and to have some extra information regarding accommodation. Most of our guests live local so we don't have many out of town guests. There is a possibility of a few overseas guests though who may find it useful!

      I'm so glad to hear from another Blogger who used StoryMix! I've read about Laura's experience over at Saying I Do. Because we're in Australia, we would be using the Smart Phone App bundle, as opposed to the HD cameras, but I still think it's such a great idea!!!

  2. Yay! I know I'm sooo late on this, but I'm so happy to hear you're using Storymix! You will be so happy with your decision, I can't wait to see your trailer video!

    1. We're also excited about it Laura! Hoping to book it this week or next :) We have friends who are super excited and already thinking about things they are going to's going to be a great way to get guests involved!


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