Friday, July 27, 2012

first dress fitting!

So, after an evil start to the week (thank you two day migraine...sorry for the lack of posts!) it has ended well - I had my first dress fitting yesterday! I went with my mum, who took the day off to come with me and do some little errands with me as well.

My it's a lovely feeling trying on your OWN dress isn't it? I really wasn't prepared for how different and how much lovelier she would look all shiny and new... I am definitely still very happy with my choice! We took along both sets of my shoes expecting an easy choice...and it wasn't. I spent most of the fitting in the lacy shoes (which were SUPER comfy) and popped on the purple ones at the last minute, "Just to see". *sigh* I can't decide! I think it may come down to comfort overruling - I'm going to wear them both around the house and see which I can last longest in. The good news is that they are both the same height, so don't affect my alterations! I may even choose based on my mood on the big day!

I had spent Wednesday running around after undergarments (that I was supposed to pick up earlier in the week - thanks again migraine!) - I picked up a pretty lacy white strapless that I didn't end up needing as the seamstress is going to build in some cups to my dress (the back is too low for a bra) and also popped into my lovely bridesmaid Kylie's house to pick up her petticoat, which she is so kindly letting me "borrow" (hehe, yep, one thing down!) for under my dress! Thankfully, it works perfectly and I don't have to purchase one! Something borrowed, done!

Not the real petticoat...but every post needs a picture, right?

While at the fitting I also decided to try on some of their fingertip length veils. If you remember, I do have some family veils that I was contemplating using one of. My mum's wedding veil is too "full" for the look I'm going for (gotta love 80's weddings), but I was contemplating using her smaller, Holy Communion veil, which has been worn by my mum and all my aunts. Mum has since had it cleaned and it has come up beautifully, but we forgot to take it with us yesterday.

I'm in two minds about the two very different veils - Mum's veil is shorter, would tuck underneath my hairstyle and show it off beautifully, but from the front doesn't add much to the overall look and we're concerned that the lace on the edging may be too busy for the bodice of my dress. We're going to take it along to another fitting to see, and make a decision. The veil I decided on in store is a simple 2 layer veil but lays nice and flat with a simple bit of sparkle at the edge that compliments my dress quite nicely. It would cover my hair but is sheer enough that it is still visible. It does add a nice look from the front when it is pulled around my shoulders but it just seems so silly to spend that much $$$ on something so simple, plus I like the sentimentally of wearing something in my family... Ahhhh the choices... It's so hard to make these choices without the full look going on too, isn't it? We need magical fairies who can whip our hair into some semblance of what it will be on our wedding day, to get an idea of the full look!

All in all though, it made me very excited - I had taken little details in with me like my earrings to try on and it gave me a better idea of the whole look for the Big Day. I can't believe how close we're getting! 65 days away today!

Mum and I sent off the last couple of straggler invites yesterday (those last one or two addresses that we didn't want to wait for before sending out the rest!), I booked in my hair trial and I got a glimpse into my upcoming kitchen tea last night! Our Trial Dinner at the Sebel is booked in for next Wednesday (01.08.12), my hair trial for the 02.08.12 (unfortunately they aren't open on Wednesdays - I was hoping to have pretty hair for dinner!) and my Kitchen Tea for the 05.08.12! So expect upcoming posts on all of them soon! In the meantime, some more project posts and the unveiling of our invites are on their way...

Unveil coming soon!

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