Wednesday, July 04, 2012

our first RSVP

WOW! Guests only started receiving their invitations on MONDAY (02/07/12) and the same day (!!) we already received our first electronic RSVP.

The future hubby's friend from school, Kayla, & her
partner, Nathan, are officially coming to our

I only realised today when I checked my email (I've been a bit slack over the last few days thanks to a cold and being a bit lazy!)

This was great news for me, because it let me know that the RSVP tool on our wedding website actually works! I decided to include this to allow for another route for RSVPing - to try and eliminate unnecessary chasing later on. While I would love for everyone to reply traditionally, I recognise that for some people it will be easier for them to RSVP electronically...particularly if they are already on our wedding site for other information. And now that I know it works, all the better!!

I'm so excited to have our first official guests RSVP. Now I can't wait to receive our first official mail RSVP!

We have real, live guests coming to our wedding! Eeep!


  1. The wedding RSVP is sent to all your favorite ones. In this RSVP's is included in our wedding website's. check this invitation cards and they can used it.

  2. I used to get SOO excited when I got RSVP's!! Hope you continue to get a lot more YES'es!

  3. I'm so excited to finally start getting our RSVPs back after our invites go out this week.


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