Monday, November 07, 2011

bridal bouquet

I'm so excited! Last night, after discussing all things wedding with my fiance and my parents, I decided to look up a couple of pictures. I had been discussing with my mum the fact that I really wanted Dusty Miller included in my bridal bouquet, that I really wanted the bigger version of my nan's roses, and that I would really like to include some Lavender sprigs in there now that we are including lavender in our scheme. While chatting, I bought up the fact that perhaps white Peonies, which are nice and big like my nan's roses, might look good in a bouquet like that.

So. I did what any bride-to-be would do - and Googled it! Someone out there must have made something similar before right?


I found this beauty - if I was told that I had to pick my bridal bouquet tomorrow, this is what I would pick.

With these beauties added in:

I am pretty much 100% certain that this is the look I want and this is the picture I will be taking with me to any florists I visit. I love it, I think it is gorgeous - it represents the feel and look I wanted from my flowers just perfectly, and I think my nan's roses will work well with it. I *think* maybe peonies will be a possibility, since I'm a spring bride, but I'm not 100% sure. Either way, I'm not fussed on the particular flower, as long as they are nice and fluffy and big (these ones are actually more rose-looking then I had in mind but it still works!)

As you can see from some of the other bouquets I've had saved, my look has been the same for a while now but the one above is perfect. Just what I want. I feel so happy about it, since I'm not much of a flower person and really had no clue I'm really looking forward to seeing our flowers :) How long did it take you guys to find your perfect bouquet look?

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  1. I think it is smart you have a look you want...I went to the florist and was like "i have no idea what I want"...umm let's just say they didn't really like that...hahaa


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