Friday, November 18, 2011

friday first dance find #4

Today's song feature is a fellow Aussie! Miss Kate Miller-Heidke is an AMAZING artist with some fantastic songs and a great vocal range - definitely check out her other songs if you've never heard of her...

The song I've chosen to feature is the gorgeous "Space They Cannot Touch". I fell in love with this song the first time I ever heard it, and with the idea of the little world between you and your loved one that no one else can enter - even if it's only a few fleeting moments that you steal, there's that magical place that you can escape to that is purely about the two of you. Reminds me most of Sunday mornings waking up in each others arms, before the rest of the world creeps in...

Hope you guys enjoy! There's no official film clip for this song, but as per normal the lyrics are below the YouTube clip for you to read through :)

How's my luck
But somehow I'm with you
Let's leave now
Let's leave them,
their point of view
My favourite place is me and you

I wake up in the darkest night
Watch you breathe in shadow light
A perfect world lies next to me
And I don't need to sleep to dream

I just hope I am good enough to keep you

Morning sun warms our skin
And distant sounds, the day begins
Soon their world will come calling for us
But this is the space they cannot touch

I just hope I am good enough to keep you

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