Monday, May 27, 2013

recap: details - the reception

Saturday, 29th September, 2012

(Please note that I'm super nervous about sharing Sandra's work here but I don't want to watermark her gorgeousness. All the following photos are the work of Sandra Henri Photography and are not to be taken, copied, used or edited in any way without permission from Sandra. Steal them and claim them as your own and we will bust your butt evil copy-right violation people!)

bridal table

what greeted our guests at their settings (the cake pops were the bonbonniere for the kids table, made by my sister-in-law!)

sign bought from this etsy store

the delicious smelling candles from Soy Scentsations by Laina, which covered the table of family photos and made the room smell wonderful! burning one in our house takes me back to that happy day

our lovely cake was made by a friend who owns a cake company. we purchased the "love" topper from this etsy store, & the couple are Willow Tree's wedding topper...which is now on displaying in our home, along side a beautiful Willow Tree gift from my brother-in-law & sister-in-law - this couple holding a little baby!

some of the things at mine and the hubs setting! the signs i made, cutlery holders from this etsy store & "I do"/"Me Too" forks from this store. hubs had the "I Do" fork & ate his cake with went missing! thankfully a few weeks later our lovely coordinator contacted me to let me know it had been found.

gifts in action!

our wine glasses, with tags from this store, & a glimpse of our seating chart (which gone blown away at one point and apparently had to be put back together! banners purchased here)

our amazing thumbprint guestbook, made by my talented maid of honour, which is waiting to be hung in our new home!

the polaroid camera, a gift from our maid of honour and her partner, was a big hit! we loved seeing the display of photos grow throughout the night, and now they are all saved in our guestbook alongside the corresponding guests!

I had such an amazing time creating and purchasing all these little details for our reception that it makes me happy to see them recorded in such a lovely way! So many items now fill our home and remind us of a wonderful evening.

Next Up: The Reception!

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  1. Wedding details are my favorite part and you did a wonderful wonderful job with all these cute little details..I bet everyone enjoyed them!

  2. Thanks Eliz! They are my favorite part too and we had such fun organising them! Everyone seemed to enjoy the night so I hope they had as wonderful a time as we did :)


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