Saturday, May 25, 2013

dear baby

Written on 25th of March, 2013

Dear Little Bean!

Well, it's been a while since I wrote a letter instead of just a weekly catch up! Pretty much everyone in our world knows about you now - yesterday we shared our excitement about you on Facebook!! Boy oh boy, did our pages blow up!! Everyone is thrilled and has been expressing so much love and happiness over your news :)

We had our first midwife appointment on Wednesday, which was awesome! Our midwife, Sarah, is lovely and is going to provide us with so much support (including come out to Mama and Daddy for all future appointments! No having to fight for parking at the hospital - score!). Mama found out that due to her job she is highly likely to get a single room - second score!

But most importantly, the week before we got to see your little self up on the ultrasound screen again - this time looking like a real little baby! You were waving and jumping around, arching your back and jumping away from the ultrasound wand. It was very exciting... And emotional hearing your little heartbeat for the first time! Mama didn't even mind the blood test afterwards, she was still on a high from seeing your beautiful self.

We have started collecting things for you already - at barely 12 weeks you had already accumulated more than 12 outfits from friends and family, and Aunty Kylie and Uncle Mark have already dropped around 2 rockers, a capsule, a monitor & a present for you! Spoiled and just over 3 months in existence.

Daddy and I have been talking about names for you... We've only started on girl names so far, but we'll get to the boy's names... Just in case ;) Everyone around us thinks you are a little miss, except Aunty Kylie C, who changed her mind to boy when she saw Mama last. Even a medium lady has told Mama that she sees PINK!! I think we will all be rather surprised should you be a little boy - but what an entrance that would make!! (We will promise to apologise for thinking you are a little girl, we promise!)

Whatever your gender, we are so completely in love with you already and are so overwhelmed with how much love everyone around us has already expressed for you - this little person they are yet to meet. Love will definitely surround you when you come into this world!

Love always, Mama xxx


  1. I love everything about this! I love the idea of writing a letter to the babes! I can't wait to follow your journey! Especially since we aren't too far apart!!!

    1. It's nice to sit down and take time to write to them! I plan to print these letters off and pop them in baby's book at the end. I can't wait to follow your journey as well. It's so great that there are so many bloggers I follow who are at different stages in their own pregnancy journey, I love it!


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