Sunday, October 02, 2011

Typo buys...

I've previously posted about my love of Typo. It's such a great store. I was in there the other day and purchased these great little blackboards to hang from our chairs at our reception...

They also had blackboards in the shape of hearts and birds. Personally I like the clean lines of the framed board and we're more likely to use them afterwards then if I chose the hearts.

Here's my inspiration picture for the design. No idea whether I'll be able to make it as pretty... Maybe it's a job for my MoH. Gosh it's good having an art teacher MoH!!


I also got this bunting to use in my new study, when we are finally in our own place... Seems so long away but we'll get there! It's got some cute patterns.

While in there, snooping around, I found so cute little buys that could be used in weddings! As well as the block letters (as seen on our engagement party table, easy to paint to match any decor and form any word!) and love heart board that they sell (also seen at our engagement party!) I found these cute little signs, perfect for a shabby chic style wedding!

First up, the faux embroidery:

Then some cute little reusable vintage mismatched plate decals:

Inspiration perhaps?:

I even found a cute little vintage style DIY wedding book! (but with all the wonders on the net I didn't feel justified buying it)

That's not even to mention the various stamps and inks you could use for various projects (anyone for vintage postage stamps for a letter themed Save The Date?) I love Typo. Just keeps getting better. Plenty of birds in there at the moment, and shabby chic, "Bambi" style goodness. Definitely check them out if you have one near, or online! Any photo frames we need for the wedding will be purchased from there (exhibited at our engagement party again!) and reused in our new home :)

In other buying news, I bought a pretty new spring nail polish... wasn't until I got home that I realized the name...

...buying wedding related things even when I'm not trying!

We also now all settled into my parents place, with the official handover of our keys yesterday. I thought I would be a little more sad to see our first home all packed up and stored away, but I'm surprised to find that it doesn't really bother me. Being back home is fun, we get to see my siblings more and my gorgeous little nephew and my parents have been great. Plus, the idea that next year we can buy our own place sorta outweighs any inconvenience now...I can't wait! Did any of you guys head back home before purchasing your first home? How did you find it?

PS. I just noticed that my 1 year post from the 29th was ALSO my 100 blog post! What a fitting post to happen on that day :)


  1. Wow what cool buys!! So much you can do!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Just wanted to let you know that you're the winner of my shoe crystal giveaway! Congrats! I need you to email me your address so we can send you your prize. Thanks so much for entering! :)

  3. I love the bride and groom signs and was hoping to make some on my own, but I like the ones you posted MUCH better!! Very cute!

  4. Everything at Typo is so lovely... but you guys definetively put those objects to good ude... I love the signs!!

  5. wow that store look incredible! I"m going to check out their website now!

    We moved into my husband's parents house and it's been surprisingly great and it feels like home. Any "inconvenience" (which really are none) def. outweighs our long-term goal of saving up for a house, so I def. hear you there!


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