Sunday, July 10, 2011

engagement party decor recaps

WARNING: This post will be picture happy! I know everyone is probably sick of it, but it's been a week since our engagement party (whoa! I can't believe it's already been a week) and I wanted to share some of the awesome photos that were taken of the decor at the party. Followed by another blog post with some fun piccies taken on the night (they are slowly trickling from various people - neither Graham and I had a camera on the night and were relying on everyone else...felt weird!)

I managed to get a couple of shots pre-party on my iPhone, then my little brother and MoH managed to catch some of the decor during the night. I loved how everything came together, we all had a great night and EVERYONE seemed to love the ice-cream parlour (even though the ice-cream melted...apparently the industrial fridge out the back wasn't cold enough to keep the ice-cream frozen!!!)

Without further ado - some piccies. Leave the post now if you are over hearing about it. Hehe.

Ok first up, our guest book table. This changed slightly from my pre-party iPhone pic (below) because the cupcakes were added to the table, and the table was also used as our cake table when we cut our cake!

Thankfully the cupcakes didn't look as bad once they were on the cake stand...and as predicted, the kids loved them anyway!

Our gorgeous cake was made by my sister-in-law, Justyna (also one of my bridesmaids!), and let me tell you - it was yuuuuuummy!!! It also incorporated some Guylian chocolates, since it was Guylian Cafe where we got engaged!!!

Next up, our card cage/gift table. I didn't get to take a picture of the table with everything on it - but there is a picture below of all our pressies when we got home...we were totally spoiled! We felt so loved and are so grateful for everything we received - particularly the generous start to our honeymoon fund! Again, the display changed slightly from my pre-party iPhone pic, as I bought some of our elements from our home (our "A&G" letters that are usually on display in our living room) and added them to the table.

A few of the other details...

...the slushie machine/drink table

...our table decor (These gorgeous flowers are now all throughout our house and still looking beautiful!!)

...the ice-cream parlour! (big hit! yay!)

And lastly, some odds and ends...the signs I bought from Type (not a good shot of them, but everyone stood between them for speeches, etc.), the sign I made (we popped it over the food table!), the signs explaining my brother's awesome music system (guests were able to log in and vote for songs to play!) and one of the many ways we used my decorated jars during the night (they were also the vases for the flowers and the pen holder at the cup table).

And that's it for the decor! If you read this far, you deserve a medal, or at least some of our ice-cream (and trust me, we still have LOADS of toppings left!) Thanks for taking the time to check it all out, would love to hear what you guys think!!!


  1. I love your decor choices!! Very cool :)

  2. I love that you had slushies and table for just ice cream toppings! You did a great job!

  3. All of the decorations turned out great! I especially love the ice cream parlor table!

  4. SO very awesome and I love how it was all so personalized to you two! I also LOVE the ice cream parlor..I would have been standing by that table all night. YUM!!!

  5. Thanks so much guys! I'm glad it all came together, everyone seemed to like it (and LOVED the ice-cream haha) The slushie machine went down really well and was much easier then cocktails, but in hindsight we probably should have made one side non-alcoholic since it was kinda mean to the kiddies - they were disappointed they couldn't drink them!!!

    *sigh* Kinda sad it's over...and to think the wedding will be 100x more planning and therefore 100x more sad when it's all done (well, minus the excitement about you know, starting a MARRIAGE and all :) hehe) I really am starting to suffer from not having any current projects to work on! Time to get stuck into some wedding DIY I think!

  6. slushies?! ice cream station?! if this is your engagement party I can't wait to see your wedding!


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