Wednesday, July 13, 2011

engagement party pics

Well, there's not really a point for this post other then sharing some of my favourite pictures that have come to light following our engagement party. I can't believe that in a few days it's already been two weeks! This weekend we get to celebrate the engagement of the future hubby's little sister, Monique, to her fiance Mark. Very exciting! They are getting married in October this year, so no doubt I'll be talking about their wedding in the future!

But for now, some of my favourite e-party pics. Then I should really get stuck back into wedding planning! Yay! xx

My fav. shots of me and the future hubby...Love him so much!

Our families:

My family - wow, we're all coupled off! (That's my littlest brother's first girlfriend. Shhhh, don't tell him I told you!)

And the future hubby's family - my future in-laws! The little monkeys running around on the stage behind us are a couple of my cousins' kids and my godson/cousin. In the pic of my family, it's my nieces and nephews on the future hubby's side, as you can see. Hehe.

And the awesome group shot that my brother set up - This is now framed and in our living room :)

Some speeches:

(So embarrassing...guess we better get used to it!)

With both sets of parents - although my dad is hiding!

Yes. We are classy with our plastic cups. (I wasn't going to buy 100+ plastic flutes just for 2 minutes of the night. That money can go elsewhere. LOL)

ALMOST all the little monkeys who were present, sitting on a fence (as such!)

Getting into some "Nutbush" (yes, it was serious. The shoes were off!):

Some of my mates enjoying the ice cream!:

First snuggles with our brand new little godson, Logan:

This one was my first snuggle EVER!

My MoH signing our guestbook (she likes to write backwards. And upside down. And basically anyway that makes it difficult to read. :P Love you!!)

And finally, have to include the mandatory girls shot - if you go through the engagement and/or wedding albums of any of these girls (well, those who are married!) you will find a version of these two photos. They are mandatory, and those who are not yet married or engaged, WILL get them also. LOL. Love these ladies.

There were really SO many awesome photos that people took during the night, I could keep going and going and going (there is a particularly exciting "secrets" themed series that was pretty exciting haha - more on that later)... we had an awesome night and appreciate everyone celebrating with us :)


  1. Looks like a fantastic engagement party, wow! congrats!

  2. Beautiful pics and you and your fiance are sooo cute!

  3. Thanks guys :) We had a blast! So lucky to have amazing people around us :)

  4. you look great and it looks like a fun party!


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